Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter!

Nothing special to really post about today. We do have a couple Sunday Spotlights saved for rainy days but...nothing seemed to fit since it was Easter. 

So instead, we'll just tell you about some fun posts that we'll have coming to you soon...

Lindsay just read an awesome book, Kulti by Mariana Zapata (her review can be found here) and we hope to have Mariana Zapata join us soon for a Sunday Spotlight. We've got some interview questions in the works for her and there's been talk about a possible guest post but there's nothing confirmed as of this moment. But we can't wait to work with her!

CP Smith also has a new book coming out and we were lucky enough to get an advanced copy so be on the look out for our review!

There's also the Cleveland Author Event coming up this month and we'll be represented there and working with the amazing Jessie Lane! We can't wait to stalk her in person! 

So, that's what's coming up for us. As for today, Easter, we're all spending quiet days at home with family (and books!). 

So what about you? Anyone doing anything special for Easter? 

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