Sunday, May 3, 2015

Amazon sucks

Ok, yes, typically we're big fans of Amazon. That's where we buy all of our books. But it really ticks us off when Amazon starts banning books just because they're erotic. It seems like once a year, there's a huge uproar about Amazon removing books that they deem too "obscene" or hot or the covers are too hot or have nudity. It will die down after a while just to come back and rear it's ugly head. 

Anyone that follows this blog knows that Stepbrother romance has been really popular lately and that quite a few have been read by our bloggers (some more than others). In our reading we've found some really great authors, one of whom is Cassandra Zara. Her books are typically hot and short and (unfortunately) serial series. But we've become hooked on her writing. She currently has two different stepbrother series that are ongoing. One is A Baby for My Military Stepbrother and the other is A Baby for My Billionaire Stepbrother. The Billionaire series currently has 5 out of 6 installments released. But the Military series only has 3. 

With the latest developments from Amazon, the author will not be able to publish the complete story of either series. 

The author took to Facebook to inform her followers about the recent developments. 

A few days later, she officially posted on her blog about it. You can read that HERE

Here's the deal...we don't like being told by Amazon what we can and can't read. Cassandra Zara is an extremely talented author and we're hooked to her books. There's nothing worse than being in the middle of a series and knowing that we won't get a conclusion because the one platform that sells her books is refusing to sell them to customers that WANT THEM

Here's the reality about the Billionaire and Military stories...they're STEPBROTHER romances. The characters are not related. Prior to starting the relationships, the characters hadn't seen each other for a few years. There is nothing "obscene" in the stories. They're just good erotic romances. 

So, anyone that's reading, if you're so inclined, please drop Amazon an email at and tell them that Cassandra Zara should be able to finish her two series. We (as readers and fans) would be forever grateful. 

As a final thought: If the author (or someone else) decided to start a petition to allow Cassandra Zara to finish her series and publish them on Amazon, we'd be the first ones to sign.

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