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I Am Atlas by Ella Emerson
romantic suspense— Due out November 20th, 2015

Booktrope Publishing Announces the Release of Romantic Suspense Novel
I Am Atlas.

Powerful, wealthy, wildly handsome Atlas has it all: successful company, stunning penthouse, and all the women and fun he could want. But when he meets the brilliant, graceful and mesmerizing Gwen, he is thunderstruck and wants to go to great lengths to have her, even if it means breaking his own rules and baring his secret soul.

When his livelihood is threatened by a competing rival, he must prepare for a corporate battle. But, with Gwen at his side he knows he will not lose.
But, what if she isn’t who he thought she was? What if nothing is as it seems?

Will Atlas lose everything?

What is he willing to do for the woman he loves? heart again in the process. They say that time heals all wounds. Kenna has a chance to find out if that is really true.

Will be available on Amazon and other online retailors
In eBook and paperback form.

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Funny story…I love it when books have male POVs, especially when a book is a dual POV. However, I have a friend that loathes male POVs and I’ve always found that odd because I love them. But she’ll always tell me how she hates how the guys only have one thought in their heads, with very little emotional growth. I’ve never had that experience…until now. 

The book starts out with Gwen’s POV then transitions exclusively to Atlas’ POV. And from the moment he laid eyes on Gwen, that was it for him. From that moment on, she was all he could think about. And that was unfortunate because that was all he was about. All the thought about was her; being with her, touching her, having her…and there was nothing else to him. Even when there was a work issue, he thought of her. 

As for Gwen…I had no sense of her at all aside from the prologue. I felt like her POV was desperately needed. After being told, and seeing how much she loved her boyfriend in the beginning of the book, I never really felt like there was a genuine emotional connection between Atlas and Gwen. 

Don’t even get me started on the corporate espionage storyline. Yes, hints and doubts were planted, but I was really hoping I was wrong…even though I knew I wasn’t. For me, some events came out of left field, making me feel like I had missed something in the story. 

I won’t reveal any spoilers but I will say there’s a twist and it’s another thing that came out of left field, leaving me wondering what the heck I’d just read. Needless to say, the twist didn’t work for me. 

Overall, the story wasn’t bad but I just didn’t love it. 

This book was generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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Ella Emerson lives in Florida with her husband and three wonderful children. When she isn't writing you can find her watching movies or playing games with her children. She loves to read, write and eat pizza. A true lover of the beach, she enjoys the sun, surf, sand and sea. She also is a huge fan of the cinema and enjoys crazy 80's chick flicks. She was raised a military brat, and has seen her fair share of the world. She loves using her own experiences and turning them into lovely romantic tales.
            In high school she discovered her love for reading, and even had one of her poems published in a national magazine. She continues to read, write, review and hopefully she can become an inspiration to her own children, as well as others.
Contact Information:
Twitter: @AuthorElla

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