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Christina Saunders' Bad Bitch Blog Tour!

*Bad Bitch (book #1)*

They call me the Bad Bitch. A lesser woman might get her panties in a twist over it, but me? I'm the one who does the twisting. Whether it's in the courtroom or in the bedroom, I've never let anyone - much less a man - get the upper hand.

Except for that jerk attorney Lincoln Granade. He's dark, mysterious, smoking hot and sexy as hell. He's nothing but a bad, bad boy playing the part of an up and coming premiere attorney. I'm not worried about losing in a head to head battle with this guy. But he gets me all hot and bothered in a way no man has ever done before. I don't like a person being under my skin this much. It makes me want to let go of all control, makes me want to give in. This dangerous man makes me want to submit to him completely, again, and again, and again... 

Ok, so after reading the blurb, I was all over this! I literally read it in one sitting! Being the first book from this author that I've read, I wasn't sure what to expect going in. Let me tellllll you.... Hot steamy sex, some intrigue, a Southern alpha who is so damn hot my panties are still steaming, a Bad Bitch heroine who, admittedly wasn't my favorite -  but did grow on me by the end, mob bosses, yummy cannoli, and an ending I loved. 

Evan is a top dog woman in a man's world. She was a fierce and unapologetic shark in the courtroom and a no holds barred man eater in the bedroom. I wasn't a huge fan of hers in the beginning, she has no soft edges and takes what she wants. While I might not have liked her, I did respect her. I love a strong woman who doesn't let anything or anyone hold her back. Evan had that in spades. Lincoln was a hot alpha from New Orleans who was the opposing council. Sparks flew in and out of the courtroom! These two together were on fire and it was delicious!  

On opposing sides of the same case, details of which you have to read the book to find out ;) new information comes to light that puts Evan in harms way. Here comes the intrigue! It was a non stop ride of awesomeness that I really enjoyed! 

This author has a style I definitely like and I am anxious to jump into the other two books in this series about Lincoln's hot lawyer brothers! 

                *Hardass (book #2)*

I cave in to no one. My hardass exterior is what makes me one of the hottest defense lawyers around. It's why I'm the perfect guy to defend the notorious Bayou Butcher serial killer - and why I'll come out on top.

Except this new associate I've hired is unnaturally skilled at putting chinks in my well-constructed armor. Her brazen talk and fiery attitude make me want to take control of her and silence her - in ways that will keep both of us busy till dawn. She drives me absolutely 100% crazy, but I need her for this case. I need her in my bed. I need her to let loose the man within me who fights with rage and loves with scorching desire...

Holy Shitballs! This was even more amazing than the first! I Freaking LOVED Walsh and Caroline! Let's start with Walsh. He's the boss. A total hardass who runs hot and cold with his feelings for Caroline, an associate at his firm. There's a strict No Fraternization policy in the office, so any romantic entanglements are strictly forbidden. But aren't those the best kinds! ;) He had his jerky moments, but was overall a hot alpha lawyer who was just trying to deal with all the new feels he was feeling for his lady love. Loved him so hard! 

Caroline. This chick was sofa king awesome! She was just as much a hardass, but in the most hialrious ways! She'd had a crush on Walsh since law school and was thrilled to get a job at his firm. The cruch just grew as well. What I loved most about her was the fact that she gave as good as she got. He would run hot and cold with her and when he was cold, she paid him back. Teasing gestures and flirty outfits, anything to get Walsh riled up and basically give him the proverbial middle finger. She even told him straight out no more nooky, it was all business since he couldn't get his head out of his ass. Ok, so it didn't last too long, but you can't blame her! He was freaking hot and kissed so well he short circuited her brain! I mean really! *dreamy sigh* 

This book centered around another murder trial. Walsh and Caroline are defending an alleged serial killer, but things aren't adding up. So while we enjoy hilarious banter, sexy times worth swooning over, we also get a bit of a mystery ala who dunnit! And, I totally called it by the way! ;) This was a great story and it toitally kept me hooked from page one. My only complaint is that I wish the epilogue had been longer. I wasn't ready for it to end! Oh, and did I fail to mention Caroline has a gay roommate who was freaking hilarious as well! He was by far the best supporting character! 

                                           *Total D*ck (book #3)*

I’m your classic skirt chaser. A womanizer. A total d*ck. My reputation is dirtier than a New Orleans street after a Mardi Gras parade. I take unwinnable cases and win them. Where people see defeat, I see a big fat paycheck. And when most men see rejection, it’s because the sexiest woman at the bar has already promised to go home with me.

But Scarlett Carmichael is the one person I can’t seem to conquer. This too-cool former debutante has it all—class, attitude, and a body that begs to be worshipped. I’ve never worked with a person like her before—hell, I’ve never played nice with anyone before in my life, and I’m not about to start with her. This woman wasn’t meant to be played nicely with. It’s going to be dirty. It’s going to be hot. She’s about to spend a lot of time with the biggest d*ck in town. And she’s going to love every minute of it…

Oh. Em. Gee. I freaking loved this one too! This book had it all, just like the two before it. Hot steamy sex between an alpha jerk who turns it all around once he meets the right lady. A strong female lead who doesn't take crap from her man. Intrigue, hilarious dialogue, great supporting characters. Pretty much the whole shebang! 

Scarlett is the only female associate at her firm, so she has to work twice as hard to get taken seriously. Kennedy is the youngest, and most notorious playboy, of the Granade brothers, and also an attorney that doesn't seem to take anything seriously. Putting these two together was like setting off fireworks! The chemistry between them was off the charts. I loved how Scarlett held her own and gave him her snarky side. I loved how Kennedy fell so hard for her and his jealous possessive side came out when other men so much as looked at her. Or even better, when she innocently  and casually touched another man, but wouldn't afford him that same treatment! It was hilarious!

There's another case where the lawyers have to figure out who dunnit, and while I had an idea who the culprit was, I was also surprised by the revelation of the baddies. I really enjoyed this book! I can't wait to see what this author comes up with next! 

Christina Saunders is an Alabama girl who loves to tell stories that are always hot and sometimes dark. In addition to being an unrepentant book hoarder, she has a particular affinity for dirty jokes and foul mouths. She lives with her husband and two sassy daughters, who put up with her antics and outlandish writing habits. She's also indie-pubbed under the pseudonym Celia Aaron.

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