Thursday, November 24, 2016

REVIEW: Pucking Beast by Colleen Masters

Pucking Beast by Colleen Masters
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Book Description: 

Who knew getting body checked could feel this good? 

Graham Johnston is a beast. On and off the ice. 

I fell for him once back in college… I played right into his hands and fell right into his bed. 

He took my virginity and then demolished my heart all in the same day. 

Seeing him again after all these years is torture. 

I’ll never forgive him, and I’ll certainly never forget the pain he caused me—No matter how rich he is, no matter how handsome he is, no matter how great a father he is. 

Rising to the top of Professional Hockey has been a challenge, but nothing compares to being a single father to two daughters. And it’s only getting harder as they get older. 

Now I need an au pair to help balance my professional life and take care of my girls when I take them on the road. 

But the damn nanny agency decided to play a cruel f*cking joke. They sent me a candidate that is perfect on paper, and my daughters love her… but she’s the one I ruined… the only true regret I carry with me to this day. 

Whitney Morgan. 

I’ve been a bastard and a heartbreaker, it’s true. But I always get what I want in the end. 

I’ll make this right. 

Pucking Beast is a full-length contemporary new adult sports romance novel clocking in at over 80,000+ words. 
HEA, No Cliff. 
This book contains sexually explicit content and adult language, 18+. 

Ok, so the book is broken down into three parts, so that's how I chose to review it.

Part 1:
Really enjoyable. The relationship between Whitney and her mom reminds me of the Gilmore girls. Whitney’s mom was only 16 when she had Whitney, and they were more like best friends than mother/daughter.

I liked that Whitney and Graham became friends first before anything happened between them

I loved their date to the ice rink and how once Graham started getting to know Whitney, no other girl existed for him. What I hated was Kelley. I hated how she treated Whitney. U hated how she thought she deserved Graham. I hated how she came between Whitney and Graham.

Part 2:
I can't fault Holly and Sarah for Graham's actions, but I hated that he had a second child with Kelley.

I also disliked that Whitney was still with Charlie. He was nothing more then a placeholder. At least in the sense of Sarah, show that Graham tried to move on with his life. But I felt like Whitney didn't even make the attempt. She kept her place holder in her life, as her boyfriend for 8 years. I wish there had been at least another guy she dated to show that she made some attempt to get over Graham

I also hated how Charlie treat her. I felt like he didn't have any respect for her and she didn't need to put up with that.

I was intrigued with how Whitney ended up working for Graham. That was an interesting twist.

However, I kind of hate that she gave in to him so quickly. Yes, nothing happened between them right away, but it was within a very short time that they admitted they wanted something to happen and made an attempt to move their relationship from purely professional into the personal realm.

Part 3:
Wow, so I totally knew that things wouldn’t be easy for Graham and Whitney. I just knew that Kelley would come back to cause trouble. I wasn’t disappointed. Things got bad…really bad.

I think my biggest disappointment in this section was that a) there was no epilogue to show Graham and Whitney in the future and b) that nothing happened to Jay. I hope he not only lost his job, but was run out of town and black listed so he never works as a reporter again. Better yet, let’s push him off a cliff onto some sharp rocks below.

Overall, I wish there was more of an ending to the story (not that it doesn't have a good ending, it does, I just wanted something more)...and I loved the story of Graham and Whitney. I can't wait to read the next Colleen Masters book!

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