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Review: Motorcycle Man (Dream Man #4) by Kristen Ashley

Book Description: 

Stuck in a colorless world, Tyra Masters decides to chuck her old life and starts searching for something. She doesn’t know what it is until she meets her dream man. The goateed, tattooed, muscled, gravelly voiced motorcycle man who plies her with tequila and gives her the best sex of her life. But she knows it isn’t the tequila and sex talking. He’s it. He’s who she’s been daydreaming about since she could remember.

Until he makes it clear she isn’t who he’s looking for.

Tyra slinks away from his bed, humiliated. The problem is, he’s her new boss. She just may or may not have forgotten to tell him that part.

Kane “Tack” Allen has a rule. He doesn’t employ someone he’s slept with. And he lets Tyra know that in his motorcycle man way. Tyra fights for her job and wins it using sass and a technicality. Tack challenges her that if she hits his bed one more time, she loses her job.

Tyra is determined to keep her job and keep away from Tack. But she makes a big mistake. During their head-to-heads, she lets it all hang out and shows Tack she is who he’s looking for. And Tack has had a good woman slip through his fingers, he’s not about to let that happen again.

Although Tack colors Tyra’s world with a vibrancy that’s blinding, being with him means she has to live in his Motorcycle Club world. Full on, no holds barred. And since Tack’s world, not to mention Tack, is a little scary, Tyra isn’t so sure.

It's Tack's job to convince her.

Tack’s book is my 4th KA book. And for some odd reason, I’m keeping track. Tack is an odd character for me. I loved him in Mystery Man. Lol, there were times that I wanted Gwen to end up with Tack instead of Hawk. Hawk annoyed me to no end. But I digress. This is supposed to be about Tack. I loved Tack in Mystery Man. I would have rather seen a full book about him instead of Hawk but…he wasn’t the same for me in Motorcycle Man. He wasn’t awful, but everything I loved about him in Mystery Man was muted. He was different.

I actually liked Tack. He was alpha but not irritatingly alpha…for the most part. I actually got a kick out of his alpha behavior…until 50%. That’s when he deserved a Gibbs head slap. I don’t care if a guy is a biker that lives by his own rules…you don’t say to a woman “don’t be stupid” or “you’re acting stupid”…bottom line…you don’t use stupid in conversation when referring to your woman. EVER.

The next time Tack dinged the irritable acts list was when he yelled at Tyra and told her that his kids were none of her business…after basically telling her that they were a forever-after relationship. He encouraged her to get to know his kids. He liked that she cared about his kids, then he pulls that crap. Not. Cool. Yes, he apologized for it, and explained that he was just upset, but…he was a jerky idiot. Dare I say…stupid?

The book was mostly good…but there were some overall places that bothered me. It really bothered me that Tyra went back to Tack instead of him going after her. Make him work for it! I think that’s my biggest issue with KA’s books in general. Why can’t the women be strong? And when they are, why do they go against personality and let their guy steamroll over them? I don’t mind it most of the time but as an example, when Tyra was upset Tack wouldn’t let her talk about it, she couldn’t vent. He told her why she was wrong for feeling the way she did and he told her how she was going to feel. I just wish I knew why it wasn’t ok for KA heroines to be strong heroines and stick to their guns about certain things.

Even with my KA issues, this was an enjoyable book. I was worried that I wouldn’t like Tyra just because I really liked Gwen with Tack, but I loved Tyra. She was fun to read.  

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