Saturday, April 20, 2013

Review: Wilde Ride (Ride #1) by Maegan Lynn Moores

Book Description: 

An embarrassing run-in leaves her wanting more.

Ella Scott, ready for a change and the chance to escape family tragedy, heads to familiar Del Mar, California after her college graduation.

No one could prepare her for what she’d find.

After starting her new job as a high school teacher, a scary encounter with local thugs and a co-worker’s unwanted advances and attention, send Ella into the arms of local bar owner Ryder Wilde.

But Ryder comes with his own complications. As president of his motorcycle club, Mayhem, Ryder must choose between his biker family’s plans and whatever chance of a future he has with Ella.

Contains sexual situations and graphic language.

I was really excited about this book. I couldn't wait to buy it from Amazon once I heard about it.

Unfortunately, it missed the mark for me. It wasn't horrible but it wasn't a great 5 star read for me either.

I don't know if I had high expectations or if I was comparing it to Mystery Man and Undeniable but it didn't measure up for me.

However, I did enjoy buddy reading this with a few friends.

I will admit, I'm curious about the second book and what happens to the characters, so I'll probably read it...eventually.

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