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OMG! Time for ROCK GODS!!!!

Welcome to our post for the Rock God Series by Ann Lister!

We have something fun for you today. To switch things up, there will be reviews from two people! Rach has graciously agreed to grace us with her presence once again, and Lindsay will be providing the other review (lord help us, that girl likes to rant and vent! winking)


Entertainment journalist, Ryan Pierce, meets the infamous bad-boy rocker, Dagger Drummond, and walks away with a great interview and a scandalous news bit that has the potential to turn the music world on its ear. Exposing the story would boost Ryan's career, but it would also come with the risk of ruining Dagger's privacy – and possibly his Rock God status.

The unlikely friendship that develops between Dagger and Ryan brings Ryan to question more than just his journalistic oath to report the news. It also forces him to take a look at himself and newly discovered feelings – feelings that make Ryan blind to the risk of becoming front page news himself.

Will Ryan find the courage to make a life decision to give himself true happiness with Dagger or take the path that would likely lead to heartbreak and destroy his career forever?

** Fall For Me is currently a Finalist for the 2013 Rainbow Award in the gay erotic romance category.

4 Stars Loved it

I will admit that when I first looked at this book I was intrigued by the cover. I LOVE badboy rockstars and judging by the cover this one was going to be perfect for me. However as I began to read the book I was sad to discover that Dagger wasn't a bad boy like I had hoped. I think he tried to put on this image for the public of being a drinking sexed up rocker but in fact he was quite the opposite behind closed doors. 

Even with this being the case I still loved it as I was able to change my ideas about the book and accept it was going to be different from my initial thoughts.
At the beginning the book had a 'gay for you' vibe to it but this was not the case as the story progressed.

I loved Dagger and especially loved the care and attention he showed to Ryan. He didn't force himself upon him and helped an already nervous Ryan recognise what they could have together. 

Dagger did seem a little insecure at times in my opinion and he doubted all sorts of things where Ryan was concerned which almost ruined it for me. But his sarcasm and the way he easily teased Ryan and coaxed him throughout the whole book made me love him so I tried to forget this negative aspect.
Ryan was also a likable character and I loved how responsive he was to Dagger's gentle coaxing. The only thing I did find slightly annoying was Ryan's tendency to over analyse every situation which I know was part of his personality but it just seemed to be overplayed at every point. The barriers it caused between him and Dagger were clearly evident and it left me frustrated.

Together their chemistry was amazing and the author Ann Lister certainly has a talent for making the climax build for the reader as much as the characters. I felt as though I was slowly simmering to the point of boiling even in the scenes only involving kissing! The phone sex was even more amazing and well worth reading! 

Would I recommend this book?... Definitely if you like m/m books which have a gay for you feel to them. 

I hope if you choose to read this one you will like it as much as I did :) 

Mega rock star, Alex “Zander” Metcalf is burned out after nearly two years touring with his band, as well as emotionally drained after his sexual preferences were exposed by the media. He is ready for a long sabbatical – alone, and retreats to the east coast island of Martha's Vineyard; leasing an oceanside estate.

Alex seeks the quiet lifestyle of a recluse to write new material for his band, only to meet the handsome estate manager, Chase, and his gorgeous fiancée, Danni, living in the guest house on his property. Alex's hope of solitude is soon forgotten when he discovers Chase has a repressed bi-sexual side that is aching to surface and Alex is more than happy to help him explore it.

What neither Alex or Chase expects is the emotional power of their chemistry expanding to involve the three of them when Danni becomes entangled in their passion. Alex believes he has finally found his perfect menage relationship with Chase and Danni.

Sometimes two isn't enough and it takes three to complete the union of a fulfilled love. But, will their new relationship be strong enough to survive when real life wants to punish them for their unconventional love? And, can they be confident in the strength of their love to take the 'happily ever after' they can only give each other?

*READER DISCRETION ADVISED. If you don't like ranting and venting, then this isn't the review for you. These are my opinions and I mean no disrespect. All opinions are about the characters themselves. I admire the author's work and think she has great talent to make me react so strongly to her book. Proceed with caution*

I have to be honest…going into this book, I wasn’t looking forward to it. Normally I’m not into M/M books. But I’ve read ménage before so I was game to give this a chance.

And I was pleasantly surprised by this. I did have issues but I also enjoyed the story.

I liked Chase at he was with Danni. I thought they had a great relationship. And I was even ok with his attraction to Alex when they first met. But somewhere along the way, I stopped liking Chase. I felt like he was selfish in his wants to the point that he was pushing things on Danni and Alex. When he started talking about the tripod and how Danni would accept it (before even talking to her about it) I wanted Chase to go away and for Alex and Danni to get together. Let Chase be the odd man out instead of him getting everything he wants and making the others fall in line. That that continued for me throughout the story. Chase just wouldn't leave them alone. The first sexual encounter Alex and Danni had, Chase had to come busting into and put himself in the middle. Then, when it looked like Alex and Danni were finally going to get one-on-one time, Chase put himself self in the middle again demanding pics through text message. If you want Alex and Danni together so badly so you can have both, then shouldn't you let them actually connect?! I just felt like it was ok for them to be together as long as Chase was somehow involved. But other than that, it wasn't ok. But the opposite was true for Chase. He didn't care how much it might hurt Danni, or how uncomfortable she was with it, he wanted to be with Chase, so he was. He gave his ok for Alex and Danni to be together but she never gave the ok for them to be together without her. And he went and broke that trust because he wanted to. He was selfish and Alex and Danni deserved better than him. 

But I did feel the connection between Danni and Alex. And I wanted more of that. They had chemistry was great and in between the Chase & Alex scenes or the scenes where Chase put himself between Alex and Danni, there was a nice romance building.

I couldn't help but feel like Alex and Danni never formed a real relationship. It was repeated over and over again that the relationship wouldn't work if Danni didn't want it as much or have the emotions for Alex, but I felt like Chase  never gave them a chance. He ever left them alone long enough to let that develop into a real relationship. 

I have to preface my next thoughts with this statement: I truly believe that you can love two people at once, both man and woman (even though that hasn't happened to me personally). With that said, I just felt like Chase was selfish. He wanted Danni, but he wanted Alex too. And he wasn't willing to give either of them up. Come hell or high water, he was going to have both. Alex told him multiple times that they couldn't force Danni into the tripod relationship. Yet that's what Chase was doing. Every time it would come up and she would state her feelings on it Chase was there saying "You'll like it." "You can do it." "It will be great." And that's all fine and dandy but you're pushing her into it. She needed to go at her own pace. And it doesn't help when she wasn't able to spend time with Alex alone. They had issues that needed to be worked out but when that would happen and she would show her emotions, Chase was there saying "Lay of Alex." Um. No. She has a right to vent her anger and hurt at the situation she found herself in. To put it plainly, Chase was a selfish bastard.

Another issue with Chase, he put all the blame on Alex when things went bad. Chase could do no wrong and accused Alex of everything he could think of. And ironically enough, I thought Chase was the one guilty of everything he accused Alex of. Chase wouldn’t accept responsibility for his role in breaking up the relationship. And honestly, I didn’t blame Danni for her reaction. Chase and Alex broke her trust by hooking up without her being there or getting her approval prior to getting it on. Yes, she and Alex had been along together but they had Chase’s blessing. And for them to break her trust, plus overhearing their exchange of ILUs, I felt bad for her.

As much as I loved Alex (and I did love Alex), there were times that I thought he needed to man up. If he really had feelings for Danni like he claimed, he should have been fighting for his relationship with her as much as he fought for his relationship with Chase. Both Alex and Danni loving Chase isn't enough for them to stay together. They need a relationship outside of Chase for it to work. 

I also have to wonder if Chase was really bi-sexual. Because the book focused so much on Chase and Alex that it made me thing that Danni was a safety blanket for him and he refused to let her go because of that. Even when they had sex, Chase's time with Danni was glossed over or done quickly so he could get to what he really wanted....Alex. And after they started the tripod, I can’t think of one time that Chase and Danni were together alone while in the tripod. After the relationship blew up in their faces, Chase was trying to get Danni back, but he never once said he missed her touch, or kissing her or the ache that only she could fill. No, that was all thought about Alex. Alex was the one he missed the touch of etc. It just made me feel like Danni was getting the short end of the stick. Two guys claim to love her yet one wasn't really missing her while "trying" to work things out (by talking) and the other never fought for her.

Overall, this book was enjoyable and I loved Alex and Danni. I wish there had been more scenes with them, showing the formation of their relationship outside of Chase. But I would definitely recommend this to anyone that likes ménage or M/M books.

Well, there you have it. Two passionate reviews about some really steamy books! 

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