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Rescue Me Blog Tour!

Welcome to the Rescue Me blog tour! 

We love romantic suspense so this book was right up our alley. And honestly, who wouldn't want to read a book with a hot guy on it. winking

Deadly secrets...
As a TREX Special Agent, it's Spencer Allen's job with the covert agency to tell lies to keep the people around him safe. When a mission goes south, he has no choice but to call in the help of K-SAR, a search and rescue group led by the only woman with the power to destroy his control.

Mounting danger...
Kat Davis has a gift for finding people. When she finds a man not meant to be found and overhears details of a murder, and the plotting of another, she turns to the one man she swore she'd never trust again.
One touch detonates the inferno burning between Kat and Spencer. When a mysterious explosion nearly kills them both, Spencer vows to protect her at any cost, even if it means revealing a secret that could tear them apart—forever.

"If you are looking for nonstop, heart-racing action and sizzling romance, look no further. Allie K. Adams will take you there—and more!" —Lucy Monroe, USA Today bestselling author

I was so excited to read this one. I love romantic suspense books and as soon as I received this, I couldn’t wait to start it. Alas, I couldn’t. I had other books to read first. But every time I opened my kindle, I thought of this book.

So I’m really happy that this lived up to my romantic suspense expectations.

I was hooked from page one. I really liked Spencer and Kat. I loved their bickering banter that they had at the beginning. And their history was rich. It was easy to see that they still had strong feeling for each other despite being apart for a year.

I thought they also worked well together. And I loved Kat’s description of Spencer:

TREX Special Agent Spencer Allen. Dominantly male. Highly sexual. He commanded authority with nothing more than a smoldering look from those destructive gray eyes.

However, as much as that was the perfect description for Spencer when he was with Kat, it didn’t totally describe him. Or rather, he didn’t completely live up to it. Not when he was with his boss. Spencer says it himself a little while later:

Spencer stilled as his blood cooled. Goddamn Weber for having the authority to do exactly that. And goddamn himself for not having the balls to tell him to take this job and shove it up his ass.

And I kept thinking that for a guy that was so “dominantly male” he wasn’t acting like that. And it’s not like he wouldn’t be able to find another job. He’s that good at what he does.

What really ticked me off was Weber telling Spencer what he could and couldn’t do during his downtime. Weber had a lot of nerve to tell Spencer that he would lose his job if he started seeing Kat again. I wanted to go all Dexter on Weber for that. I was already on the fence with Weber but that pushed me over the edge. I hated him from then on.

But I was standing up and cheering when Spencer told his boss off and that he was going to be with Kat no matter what. That’s the alpha I knew him to be!

Another person I hated…Kat’s partner/colleague Travis. I thought he as creepy and stalkerish in the beginning with the way he reacted to the mere presence of Spencer. I wanted to drop kick him for being such a creep.

Oh, and I won’t give the bad guy away, but I have to say, I was really glad to see Kat’s vampire come out winking

“I can't move. The b-bastard took all my c-clothes and tied m-me to a t-tree. Since you haven't already k-killed him, I get dibs. You just have t-to come f-find me, first.”

The end of the book was action packed and I was both happy and sad that it was the end. Happy because I could wait to see how it all played out and sad because I didn’t want it to end.

I definitely recommend this book to anyone that loves romantic suspense books. This is a must read!


Allie K. Adams is the bestselling author of several award-winning stories. An active member of the search and rescue, as well as previously served as a reserve deputy, Allie has firsthand experience in most of the dangers she writes about. Known for her highly erotic, deeply intense suspense romances, she can be found most days in front of her computer, saving the world one sizzling story at a time. She grew up in Seattle and now currently lives in southwest Montana with her husband, two kids, and two fluff ball dogs. 

She loves to hear from readers and encourages them to reach out to her through her website at



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