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Borderland Legacy Blog Tour!

Welcome to the Borderland Legacy Blog Tour! 

We've read Samantha Holt's books before and loved them, so we were tickled pink to get the opportunity to read and review the Borderland Legacy books.

In the wilderness of 14th century Northumbria, Lady Isabel discovers just how dangerous the Borderlands can be. With the loss of her voice and her hearing, there is little hope left for her. But when a brooding knight rescues her, she vows never to become a victim again and buries the secrets of her past in the hope that those hunting her will never find her in the Borderlands.

Jake is astonished to come across the beautiful Isabel, near to death, on his brother’s lands. Bringing her back to his brother’s home, he finds himself longing for something more from the courageous woman, something that he thought he would never want again. Isabel works her way into his scarred heart and opens Jake up to loving once more. But will Isabel’s secrets destroy their bond? And with his charismatic brother, Dominic, charming her, does he even stand a chance?

I loved this book. It had all the suspense and intrigue that I love in a historical.

I was extremely intrigued by the premise of a heroine that couldn't hear or speak. I wondered how the author would pull that off. I just couldn't imagine how she and the hero would get to know each other without being able to communicate. But I shouldn't have worried because I've read Samantha Holt's books before and know that she's a great author.

I really liked Jake and his brother Dominic. Both were good men and they had a great relationship. I'll admit that I was a little confused at first as to why Dominic was the lord of the estate, but it was soon cleared up.

Isabel...she just couldn't catch a break. But, with all the stuff she went through, it brought her to Jake & Dominic's doorstep. I loved that Jake was instantly protective of her and wanted to go after the guys that hurt her. And he took great care of her.

I did have a few questions that went unanswered...First, I know Everard was a bad guy...pure evil. But I was kind of curious as to what he threatened Isabel with to make her flee. I had a few ideas and my imagination ran away with me, but I still wanted to know. Second, Isabel's group of attackers...why did they attack? Were they just a random group of bad guys that saw a female without protection and attacked? Or were they sent by someone?

Other than that, I really enjoyed this book and I can't wait to read about Dominic. He's such a great guy and he deserves a HEA.

Lord Dominic is in need of a wife. With the reivers, the wild and dangerous criminals that haunt the borderlands, breathing down his neck and his brother now married, he needs a strong woman by his side. So when he finds out about an old marriage contract between him and his neighbour’s daughter, he vows to give the mysterious woman a chance. Upon meeting the beautiful, feisty maiden, he vows to make her his wife.

Lucy Montgomery wants nothing to do with the arrogant lord. She doesn’t understand his interest in her. Surely a man like Dominic could never fall for a woman like her? Hurt by the past, she refuses to believe that she is anything more than a game to him. If only she didn’t find him quite so charming.

Can Dominic persuade Lucy that she is more than just another woman to him? And with the reivers growing bolder, are there worse dangers than Lucy saying ‘Nay’?

This is my first book by Samantha Holt and let me tell you, it won't be my last! :) I quite enjoyed Borderland Beauty. I have only recently (as in, like 3 days ago! lol) converted to a Historical Romance lover. This book has been added to the list of favorites! I really liked Lucy and on some level I felt I could kinda relate to her. She was somewhat socially awkward, not used to going to the party's and balls and such. She's basically hidden herself away due to her low self esteem about her body. As a young girl, she was considered "buxom" or as we like to say, curvy! She even overheard a young lad (not naming names) compare her looks to a "wild boar" which struck her deep and festered, causing her to believe no man would ever want to marry 'a girl like her'. 

Her family is invited to Lord Dominic's for the holidays, a yearly tradition, and she goes under duress. ;) While her mother is trying to marry her off, she doesn't think she will catch the eye of any of the eligible bachelors, let alone the roguish Lord Dominic Thornwall, whose reputation preceded him. He is a handsome lord who can (and has) had any woman he desires. Boy was she in for a surprise! ;) Lucy was a strong willed, somewhat stubborn Lady who cared for her people but just needed the right man to show her she was just as beautiful on the outside as she was on the inside. Lucky for Lucy, Dominic was up for that challenge!

Lord Dominic Thornwall was a great hero. He had some of everything I love to see. He was handsome, smart, loyal and when he fell for Lucy, he fell hard and deep into the possessive love pit!  I felt like he was open minded about meeting Lucy and he never seemed anything but honest with her. He didn't have an agenda. Yes, he needed a wife, but he wasn't deceitful or plotting about it. Even though he knew there was a marriage contract drawn up between his mother and Lucy's parents from when they were just mere babes, he wasn't planning to force Lucy into upholding it. He wanted her to want him because she genuinely did. See, roguish Lords can be honorable too! I also felt like his interest in Lucy was genuine from the first look. It was very refreshing! Lucy did have a hard time coming to believe his intentions were sincere and Dominic took that in stride. He never went overboard and he did everything he could to show her his burgeoning feelings for her were legitimate.

Out of all the supporting characters, I had a few favorites. ) While I haven't read the first book, I immediately liked Jake. He seemed aloof and mysterious, but definitely like someone I'd want more from. I will be reading his book for sure! Next in line is Winnie, who acted as Lucy's chambermaid (not sure that's the correct term...) I loved her! She was the meddling and somewhat overbearing (in a good way) mother-figure-esq. She was loyal to her Lord Dominic but didn't paint him in any light that wasn't honest. She knew he 'got around' but that that didn't mean he wasn't a good man. She was immediately taken with Lucy and at times, took it upon herself to set Lucy straight when she needed it. She was also funny as hell! I also loved Lucy's parents. They loved Lucy dearly and it was clear who 'wore the pants' in that relationship! (Lucy's mom!) ;)

Overall, I really liked Borderland Beauty! It was a fun and lighthearted book about finding love. My only complaint, and its not a biggie, there were a few minor editing errors. Other than that, it was a solid book that I'm very happy to add to my HR shelf!

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Samantha lives in a small village in England with her gorgeous twin girls and husband who is a trained bodyguard and ex-soldier (Yes, seriously!). She traditionally writes historical romances involving chivalrous knights and hot highlanders, but occasionally dabbles in contemporary romance. When she reluctantly leaves her computer, she enjoys exploring old ruins and indulging an early midlife crisis. Adrenaline filled suggestions for the bucket list are always welcome!



  1. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing Lyndsay and Nikki! I'm so glad you enjoyed the books and really appreciate the time you took reviewing!

  2. OMG wow such great reviews and so very spot on with both books absolutely loved them. Thank you so very much for being part of this tour and taking the time to review Samantha's books. - Tonya

  3. Trust me, it was our pleasure! :D These were some really great books and we're both glad we go to participate in this tour!