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Tempting Ecstasy (Guardians of the Realms #4) by Setta Jay

*Erotic Paranormal Romance* 

Conn had spent the millennia of his life fighting alongside his brethren as a Guardian of the Four Realms. He’d never allowed himself to imagine that he would be gifted a mate but her scent was inside him now. The intoxicating lure incited his wolf to track her and claim her in a sexual frenzy she could never deny. He refused to repeat the mistakes his brothers had made in their unions, instead he planned to fight the demands of his beast and tempt his female. 

Dacia had spent the years of her life as a guardian of her family's secrets. Her days were consumed with helping her siblings search for the Immortals who had escaped the God Apollo’s brutal training camps with her parents thousands of years ago. They were the only hope of finding answers to questions about their lives. Questions her parents hadn’t resolved before their deaths. 

Not in her wildest of dreams would Dacia have imagined the answers would instead find her. Or what form those answers would take. The breathtaking male who stepped out of the night and into her life was certainly not one of the hidden Immortals her parents had told of, he was so much more. Wielding both immense power and thrilling strength he aroused not only her body but the wolf hidden within. 

Dacia needed to find a way to trust her seductive Guardian, not only with herself, but with her family as well. But how long could she hold out against both the intensity of the mating frenzy that demanded sexual release, and the wickedly sexy male who was tempting not just her body... but also her heart? 

Warning: This book is intended for an adult audience. It contains explicit sex; voyeurism; dirty talking males with bad language 

Holy Hot Wolf Guardian Batman!


I love paranormals, and of the mass amounts I've read, I've found that I tend to lean towards the wolfy males the most winking Not sure why, but I guess I’m a wolf shifter girl all the way. With that said, it should be pretty obvious that once I found out Conn was the wolf shifting Guardian, I was most definitely wanting to read his book asap! So, when the author contacted me and offered a copy for review I squealed like a kid in a candy store and did a little jig in my computer chair. No joke.  I read this book in about a day, and it only took me that long because of this stupid thing called a job straight face

I loved absolutely everything about Tempting Ecstasy! Conn was amazing and is still my #1 favorite Guardian. Even more so after reading his story! :) He was perfect. love struck *dreamy sigh* He knew Dacia was his mate and, unlike the others, he gave her the choice of when they were to start the mating frenzy. It was hell for him, but he wanted her to trust him and to know that his intentions were serious and pure. Well, maybe not totally pure since all he could think about was which piece of furniture he could bend her over to do lots of dirty nasty things to her delectable body! winking Swoon! Oh, and did I mention he's tattooed and pierced? Just his eyebrow, but that's still HOT! hotDacia was quite a surprise too. She was a fiery little she-wolf that had no experience but was eager to learn. I liked her for Conn. They were a perfect match. I really loved everything in this book.

The main story of Conn and Dacia was definitely unputdownable. The secondary story of Brianne and Vane was also quite intriguing and I seriously need more on that! And the bad guy angle has me impatient for the next installment so I can see what the hell is gonna happen next! I need more, like yesterday! I liked all Dacia’s siblings and I’m hoping we’ll get to see some (ok all) of them find mates at some point. Speaking of… Omg Jax! I can’t decide if I want to punch him, jump him, lick him or all three! At the same time. winking I really hope we see more of him very soon! My only complaint is that it’s over. Seriously. When I got to the 97% mark I found myself rereading lines just to slow the progress. I wasn't ready for it to end. Now I have to wait for the next one for however long that will take and I don’t even know who the next book is about! sad 

Oh please Ms. Jay hurry hurry hurry! big grin

I have definitely found a new TOP favorite author. One I will be stalking to get more info on the next book ;) Her writing is definitely top notch and her imagination is enviable. I've always been interested in Mythology and I just love how she weaves her tales about the Gods and Goddesses and the Immortals. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys paranormal, super hot and steamy (and often times) kinky sex, or just a plain fabulous story.  big grin

Now, what the hell am I supposed to read in the mean time???

*A huge THANK YOU to the author for gifting me this copy for review*

As an aside, I would be remiss not to mention that the previous books in this series were just as fabulously hot and awesomesauce as Tempting Ecstasy! I mean really, look at these covers (and click them for their GR links) 
In this case, the covers tell no lies to what lay within those pages! winking

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