Monday, December 1, 2014


Recently we were talking and came to the conclusion that we wanted to do a little more with the blog. We love reviewing and posting cover reveals and promos for books but to be honest, we don't get a lot of interaction. 

As further honesty, even though we're pretty plain spoken in our reviews about our likes and dislikes (and loves) of the books we review, we're actually shy. It's a lot easier to discuss a book instead of posting our thoughts and opinions on other (book related) topics. 

So the way this is going to work is we're going to start doing a weekly conversational post. Each week you'll get a post from one of us on something book related that's been on our minds, and you never know when one of us will be in the giving mood and have a giveaway of that week's book on our minds. 

The weeks that we personally don't post, we're hoping to have guest posts from some of our favorite authors. 

We're calling this our SUNDAY SPOTLIGHT. 

To start us out, Lindsay is going to be blogging about a book she's currently reading. 

Just to keep you on your toes, we'll occasionally have giveaways. So you'll have to keep an eye on our posts to find them. ;) 

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