Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sunday Spotlight: JB MORGAN takes us on a trip down Holly Lane!

We have the honor of welcoming a long-time friend and newly published author, J.B. Morgan!!!!

Today we have a little interview-esque discussion with J.B. about her new book Holly Lane!

How did Holly Lane come about?
I was working on my first story when I was approached to be a part of a holiday anthology. I was really excited to be on board, and to get my first book out there, even if it was a short story. However, after seeing how many writers were on the list, I felt like I would get lost in the shuffle so I backed out. This was my first chance at putting my story out and I was worried it would get lost with the bigger names in the anthology. After I backed out of the book, an idea to write Holly Lane formed in my mind.

About Holly Lane, debut novel.
Originally, Holly Lane was supposed to be about three couples however, one particular couple over took me, and that’s the direction I went. Another tid-bit, Holly Lane was supposed to be a novella which eventually turned into a novel the more I continued to write as the story easily flowed from my mind.

Holly Lane is about a couple named Hollie and Layne. Hollie goes on her senior grad trip and meets Layne, a military man, in Hawaii on a little R&R with his best friend. They have a week together, and that week makes a difference in how their lives will take a turn. It will be up to them to see if they can make a long distance relationship happen and if they can weather any storms that may come their way.

This is a sweet, swoon worthy, love story with some humor, teary moments, and a bit of holiday magic thrown into the mix.

What inspired Holly Lane and your future novels?
All of the stories I’m working on were inspired by real events, at some point, in my life. As for Holly Lane, that was inspired by my own high school senior graduation trip to Hawaii. While I was there, with my two friends and some classmates, I met a man who was stationed in Hawaii, in the Army. We spent the whole week together hanging out with his friend, and my friends, and that’s how the story formed. I took the bare bones of that time frame and formed Hollie and Layne and gave myself, essentially, a second chance love story through this couple.

Upcoming projects and news to share?
I’m working on a story titled, Nate (A Texas Jacks Novel.) Nate is about a man whom Charlie, aka Charlotte, meets while at a country dance club. She’s shy but is content in life, though it may be a bit boring, and Nate is all out there yet he’s afraid of letting anyone in, after the tragic accident loss of his mother.

Nate will be out around March 2015.

As for any news, I will be at the Passion in Portland book signing on September 12, 2015.

About the Author.
I’m a married, stay-at-home mom of two. When I’m not writing, I can stay busy by volunteering at my daughter’s school, volunteering with my church, and trying to stay afloat on house hold chores and anything else thrown my way. I’m an avid reader of many different genres. I love the New York Yankees, traveling, connecting with my family and just about anything chocolate.

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