Wednesday, December 31, 2014


With the year winding down, we decided to sit down and make lists of our favorite reads. 

Now, as you can imagine, this was really hard for us. We're talking excruciating. Not only do we read way more books than our blog master allowed us to pick, but we really have a hard time choosing. 

Overall, we've read way more awesome books than horrible books (which is always a good thing), so our lists were extremely long. *cough*Nikki*cough*...
And there were a few cheaters that counted a whole series as one entry on their list. But the blog master gave them that since without that cheat, the lists wouldn't have been finished! 

So, without further ado, we present the lists of the top reads from 2014! (all covers link back to the corresponding Goodreads pages for the books :) )

22888864 17788403 16117368 17876893 21980271 20628154 3570231 5604848 21400273 21468417 21468414 21468416 21468415 22296819

22494969 21532133 20639274 17788403 19169739 18480475 20743614 18310859 20554511 22565444 18464441 18246733 19367048 18367524

22586298 12390650 10790516 19169739 20517588 22494969 18520167 18464441 10896689 13340040 20743614 23595035 22881465 20892805

As we said before, some of us were unable to fully cut off our lists so we have a list of honorable mentions. These are books that we either really like, and even loved but others pushed them out of the top 14...

17788401 12458287 20613920 411701 21894206 17181891 21956914 21430786 23280485 17257990 22152589 21063217 22738988 17353285

We thank you for spending 2014 with us and we're looking forward to the post and books 2015 will bring! We hope to see you for many more milestones, blog tours and book reviews! 


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  1. Great lists girls! A lot of my faves are on there too, plus a few on my TBR that I will push to the top, and I also found a few I need to add, like the book by SEP on Lindsay's list. Thank you and Happy New Year!