Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sunday Spotlight: Book Funks! boooohissss

Welcome to this week's Sunday Spotlight!

I have a very important topic to discuss. Have any of you ever been in the dreaded Book Funk?! 
*cue the dun dun duunnn*

Well, I have and it totally sucks! A little background info on me... I'm a very active member on Goodreads. I love that site! I think it's the best thing since sliced bread! :D My tbr contains a total of 4,309 books. No joke. So when I decide to look for a new book to read, and I'm going through that massive number of books and I still come away thinking "I have nothing to read!" I know a book funk is looming. It's so depressing! Who's with me here!? I mean, how can I not be able to find a book to read with that many choices right?! It's like women obsessed with clothes looking in their closets saying "I have nothing to wear!" Ridiculous. But true. 

So, what do we do about these awful book funks? Well, for me and my cohort Lindsay, we came up with a fun game we like to call the Kindle Coordinates Game. Basically, what we do is, she picks for me and I pick for her. We choose a page number on our kindles, then a collection number (if it lands on a page with collections) then a number 1-6 and that's the book we try. 

Example: Page 13; Collection 4; (page 2 - if applicable) Book 6


Page 64; Book 3

This is a fairly new game and we've luckily only needed it to try to keep that dreaded book funk at bay a few times, but it's always fun. We even invoke the "redo" every now and then when a book just isn't what we're in the mood for. It's helped too! :) 

Book Funk is a serious condition that we readers must rally against! If you are like me, reading time is precious and sacred, especially in today's hectic and crazy world. Laugh all you want, but I have two kids and a full time job so I don't always get to read when I want. I have to utilize my reading time to its full advantage! I don't want some pesky condition trying to steal my time with Knight (my kindle)!!! ;) I want to sit down and open a good book that will take me away to a fantasy land for a little while before reality comes a callin'. 

So for all you avid readers out there who have had the misfortune of finding yourselves in a book funk a time or two, you are not alone! *hugs* And hopefully you have a reading buddy to support you in your time of need. Try Lindsay's and my Kindle Coordinates Game sometime! It's a fun way to find a book and maybe even do a buddy read! :-)


  1. Book Funk is a horrible affliction. It's gotten its claws in me many times and I'm thrilled that you've found a solution, one that I will be sure to try. I, like you, have thousands of books on my "hope to read someday" list, but when Book Funk takes hold, it turns into "not doing it for me" list, and it sends me into Reading Depression, a side effect of Book Funk. It causes me to randomly flip through dozens of books, in a zombie like state, all the while losing hope of finding anything to read and eventually setting Kip or Kal (my Kindles) aside, leaving me feeling empty, lifeless. Then I find myself turning on the TV...GAAAAHH! Yes, the TV, something I very rarely do, unless of course Outlander is on and then I want to crawl inside it...Jamie...sigh.

    Great post Nikki, thanks for the laugh and allowing me to join in the fun! I'll be sure to try your Kindle Coordinates Game with a friend when Book Funk takes hold!

    1. UGH. Book funks are the worst! And you know they're bad when you have to put your kindles down. Then they get lonely and it's an even worse situation! ;)

      We love the Kindle Coordinates Game but we'll also admit that there has been a time or two when we turn into Ross and Rachel on Friends trying to decide on a baby name. Eventually Vito starts sounding like a great book. ;)