Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday Spotlight: Oops

Riddle me this batman....

What do you get when you have two bloggers, one of whom is in the process of moving and the other is sick? 

Give up? 

Well, the answer is an oops. It's Sunday and due to the aforementioned issues, we totally flaked and forgot about today's post. 

Our bad. 

So, today is an easy one...

Are you the type of reader that loves to binge read or do you need to change it up? 

When Nikki finds a book she loves, she tends to binge read all of the authors books, particularly if it's a series. 

I on the other hand need to change it up. If it's something general like Rock Stars, I'll binge on that subject. But I can't read a full series back to back to back. I burn out and then don't want to read more from that author for a very long time. 

So, what about you, what kind of reader are you? 

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