Monday, February 9, 2015

HAPPY RELEASE DAY! Monster Stepbrother by Harlow Grace!

Title: Monster Stepbrother
Author: Harlow Grace
 Release Date: February 9, 2015

His dark obsession runs deep.

How does a girl go from being her Daddy’s precious baby doll to feeling like a filthy whore?

Easy really. When my father remarries it changes the course of my life and everything becomes . . . complicated.

My new stepbrother is a monster who hates me. Unapologetic, controlling and brazen he’s intent on making my life a living hell. Blackmails me into doing things I never thought I’d do. Illicit things. 

Oliver King makes the rules. He f*cks me whenever he wants. How he wants. Where he wants.

My head screams this is wrong, yet I can't resist giving in to forbidden desires.

I’m his possession, his toy — his ultimate pleasure.

He’s never letting me go. I’m his dark obsession.

My dirty addiction to my stepbrother grows to a dangerous level. Am I sick to crave more from the man who has made me his slut? Or should I escape and run as far away as possible? 

My name is Maya Childs and this is my story. 

Dark erotic novel that contains sensitive subject matter that may make readers uncomfortable. Not appropriate for readers under 18. Contains explicit language and descriptions of sexual situations and violence.

Confession time…the blurb of this book scared me. I’m talking, run in the other direction scared me. So….why did I read this you ask? Well…uh…because I’m crazy!?

Ok, reality is, I’ve been on a stepbrother kick lately. There have been quite a few coming out in the last few months and while some have been pretty decent, others have been…well…really bad. So I’ve been determined to find a GOOD one. But I don’t gravitate toward dark books. And this one sounded beyond dark. But my curiosity got the better of me and I signed up to review it. Again, cue the crazy scared. However, once I started this, I was unable to put it down. I literally read this straight through, in one sitting.

I can’t say that the relationship was pretty, because it wasn’t. It was dark and twisted and downright awful at time. I can’t even say that I loved the characters (particularly Oliver) but (and maybe this was wishful thinking) I felt like I was able to see past the awful things that were said to see that Oliver was in denial and fighting his feelings HARD. He had very good reason to early on since Maya was younger than him, and under 18.

Later, I felt like he continued to fight just because that’s what he’s always done. But there were a few instances where his walls fell and I could see his genuine feelings for Maya. I loved those moments. One was sweet and the other was a stressful situation where there was no pretending. It was a critical situation and there wasn’t any room for pretense. I was a little disappointed that that Oliver didn’t own up to his feelings at this point and reduced the situation to their typical fighting and insults.

Some moments were definitely over the top and had me rolling my eyes because Oliver and Maya were being idiots (mostly Oliver), but I just chalked it up to the dark style, something akin to Undeniable by Madeline Sheehan. It wasn’t pretty. I tried to look beneath the surface of Oliver’s insults and attitude to see his real feelings. Heck, maybe that was hopeful thinking on my part and there was nothing else there, but that’s what I saw and how it was for me. I saw the draw that the characters had, the fight to deny themselves what they wanted and the desperation both characters felt at a very desperate and emotional moment and later when they even admitted to themselves, how they really felt and things still went wrong, they weren’t honest with each other. They never actually communicated and expressed their feelings.

But even with all that, I still enjoyed the book. I enjoyed the writing and would definitely read more from the author. 

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Harlow Grace has tried many things in her life but writing has always been and still remains her passion.  She loves to create characters in need of redemption and her stories are mostly all dark romance but then again, she likes to mix things up so don't be surprised if she publishes a sweet romance every now and then.  When she's not writing or reading, Harlow is plotting and planning her next adventure or dreaming of lazy days in the sun with a good book in one hand and a cocktail in the other.

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