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REVIEW: Leo Maddox by Sarah Darlington

23016376Leo Maddox by Sarah Darlington
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Book Description: 

The one. The only. Leo Maddox.

Leo’s cocky. He’s mean. He’s gorgeous. He’s never learned the meaning of the word no. He’s the twenty-one-year-old, billionaire grandson of a hotel mogul. He has vacation homes he’s never been to and cars he doesn’t drive. Women. Fashion. Alcohol. There’s nothing he can’t get. Well…almost nothing.

He can’t have her. The girl he loves. The girl he’s loved his entire life. She hates him. Until one morning when Leo wakes up and decides enough is enough. He’s going to get the only girl he’s ever wanted. So what if she has a new boyfriend. So what if she loathes his very existence. Clara belongs with him and he’s going to prove it to her by winning her heart.

This New Adult Romance is told entirely from Leo Maddox’s POV. It can be read before, after, or in place of He Belongs With Me. Recommended for readers 18+ due to strong language and sexy scenes.

As the author states in the description of this book, this is the same story as He Belongs With Me…only from Leo’s POV. I was glad to get his POV because I loved him but I can’t help wishing the previous book was purely his and Clara’s.

The great thing about this book (well, one of them) was that there wasn’t as much Maggie. I couldn’t stand her in the other book. I’m one to hold grudges against fictional characters so my loathing of her didn’t go away. She was also the downside to this book. But there was far less of her so I was immensely glad of that.

I still loved Clara. She wasn’t the bad girl everyone thought she was and Leo knew that. He saw through her shell and “rebelliousness” and saw the real her. What I loved about this book over the other one is that it wasn’t a love triangle. Maggie made things all about her in the other one so that when Leo and Clara started to find happiness, she threw a tantrum and caused problems, even deciding she was in love with him too. But this book…it was all about Leo’s love for Clara and the lengths he was willing to go to show her that. For that alone, this book is awesome.

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