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SUNDAY SPOTLIGHT: Movie Adaptations of Books and Fifty Shades of Grey!

Today we’re talking about books that have been made into movies. There have been many adaptations over the years of popular books. We all know of the Twilight movies/books, the Harry Potter books/movies and the Nicholas Sparks books/movies.

It’s rare that a movie adaptation is better than the book. It’s been our experience that the book is ALWAYS better. Let’s face it, the book has all the details. There are no time constraints, you get the full story. With movies, they have more to take into consideration. They don’t want to go over a specific length of time, they have to stick to the rating guidelines and a number of other things. So inevitably, things get left out. A lot of the time, some of best parts are left out. I’ll give you a great example of this out of Twilight: one of my favorite scenes in the book was the blood typing scene. I love the interaction between Bella and Edward during their “courting” (for lack of a better term) phase. Unfortunately, it was not included in the movie version.

I don’t remember specific scenes missing from the Harry Potter movies, but I do recall that information was left out. The people behind the movies took it for granted that the movie goers will have read the books and have the left out knowledge of the story. But that wasn’t the case for everyone. I dragged my mother to the movies with me and she was constantly asking questions about the story because she hadn’t read the books.

Today, we’re going to be talking about one of the most anticipated movies to come in a long time…Fifty Shades of Grey.

With full disclosure, I (Lindsay) have not read the books. I tried and it just wasn’t for me. It had nothing to do with the story or subject matter, I just couldn’t get into it. However, Alyssa has read the books (multiple times) and seen the movie…twice. 

So, without further ado, let's talk some Shades of Grey! (FYI, this discussion will contain spoilers to the book and movie. If you haven't read/seen FSoG yet, you've been warned.)

Alyssa: So Linds, I'm just dying to know... Did you enjoy the movie Fifty Shades of Grey?

Lindsay: Lol. Well...I didn't hate it. I'll be honest and say that I didn't have high expectations just because I couldn't get into the book. But I was surprised at how I was drawn into the movie and couldn't walk out even if I wanted to. 

Alyssa: *wipes sweat off brow* ...Thank God you didn't hate it! I would have hated to end our friendship had you told me differently. Kidding, kidding. (Kind of) 

As for my feelings on the movie... There are no words to adequately describe how much I loved it. Seriously, it was amazing. I wouldn't have changed one single thing about it, and that goes for the cast as well. I mean, hello? JAMIE. FREAKING. DORNAN. Enough said, am I right?


Lindsay: LMAO! I thought you said you WOULDN'T end our friendship over the movie! Dang. That's harsh! 

LOL. Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson were both really good as their respective characters. Having not read the book, I didn't have any expectations for casting of the characters so it was easy to believe they were Christian and Ana. 

And I just have to say, the tension and intensity that they both brought to the screen, is exactly what Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were missing in Twilight. There were a few scenes where I thought of Twilight and thought that I would love to see it remade with Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson as Edward and Bella...the movie would be a million times better than what it was with them.

I couldn't agree more- Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson were absolutely perfect for Christian and Anastasia. All that garbage I've been hearing about how they didn't have enough chemistry is beyond ridiculous. They killed it. I agree with you in regards to the whole Twilight aspect... Maybe a few years ago, I would have been all for them switching roles with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart- Unfortunately, I'm over everything in regards to that entire series and the movies that came along with it. 

I couldn't agree with you more. Seeing them, and seeing in them what Edward and Bella COULD HAVE BEEN made me sad that Twilight wasn't better. I'll be honest and say that if they remade it with Jamie and Dakota, I'd go see it, but I wouldn't be excited about it. I'm totally over Twilight. 

I know that FSoG was a Twilight fan fiction and while I saw the heavy Twilight connection in the books, I didn't see it so much in the movie. There were a few scenes or actions by the characters, but it was far less than what I saw in the book. I think that's why I was able to not hate it. 

You make a totally valid point about Twilight- Agreed! 

Omg. You know what's so funny? I feel the complete opposite of you- I saw more of a connection between Twilight in the movie than I did in the books. Jamie's mannerisms and the setting of where the movie was filmed reminded me of Twilight, but when I re-read Fifty Shades of Grey I saw absolutely no connection to it, even though it was a Twilight fan-fiction. I must be totally crazy! 

Okay, so it must be said... That scene with Christian and the ice... Bye!

LOL. But see, that's a good thing! The Twilight connection is what kept me from being able to get into the book. There were a few scenes that were really Twilight-esq...especially the walk in the woods. 

But OMG. that ice scene! Of all the things he did to her in the movie, that was the one I liked the most in the red room of torture!

You're so right! That scene in the woods was definitely very Twilight-esq. Now I'm wondering if certain things were added into the movie on purpose to resemble Twilight in subtle ways. Hmmm... God, I hope not. Oh, and for all of you out there who haven't seen Fifty Shades of Grey yet... IT IS NOTHING LIKE TWILIGHT. There. It had to be said. There is just no comparison. 

The ice scene was my second favorite part of the entire movie. I have to say though, that the first sex scene in the Red Room of Pain was the best. The vocals on the Beyoncé track kicked in the second Christian whipped her with that riding crop. Be still my heart.

LMAO. No, you're totally right, it's nothing like Twilight. I don't think anything would be added. If anything, I would think the'd want to downplay the connection.

Ok, enough about Twilight....on to the ice scene! OMG, the ice wasn't your favorite!? Dang. Well...I loved their very first red room of torture, no toys...just him and her and good old fashion *wiggling eyebrows*...but that ice scene *fanning myself*. He could take ice to me any day of the week!

I just have to say, her hair drove me crazy in the movie! Every time it was up (except that first ponytail for the interview) it looked really good. But it looked awful when it was down! 

LOL- Her hair never really bothered me in the movie. I absolutely adored everything about her, hair and all. Maybe the awful Seattle weather got the best of it while filming! Speaking of hair... I wish Christian would braid mine like he did hers in the Red Room. *dreamy sigh* 

But since we're on the topic of things we didn't like... What the hell is up with her having a flip phone? Both times that I went and saw the movie, I just couldn't move past it. I really wish Christian would have added her to his phone plan and got the girl something new, for God's sake. 

LMAO. OMG, with all the gifts he gave her, every time I saw that stupid phone, I kept saying "Why can't you get her a decent phone?!" It's not like he couldn't afford it! But, at the end, she returned everything he got to get her a phone would mean she had no phone when things blew up for them. 

LOL- Omg, you have me dying over here. I didn't even think about that! That totally explains why he didn't get her a new phone then- She would have been left with nothing! But still... A flip phone? I just can't. 

LOL. Honestly, when I was watching the movie, I didn't think of that either. But now it makes total sense. At least it was a nice thin flip phone and not a chunky one that's completely out of date. ;) 

Although, I have to say that while I don't have a smart phone, I don't have a flip phone either. So I'm really surprised that they didn't upgrade her to something that's not...that. 

HA! Despite the ancient flip phone, I have to say that the movie truly was incredibly done. I know you didn't read the books, but the movie stayed true to the first book. Sure, there were scenes and certain things left out but nothing huge in my opinion. Hell, it's just not possible to include every detail that a book does unless the movie is over eight hours long. Although, I wouldn't complain about watching Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey on the big screen for eight hours. 

Lol. I was just going to ask you if anything important was left out of the books. Guess you answered that question. 

What about the scenes that didn't make the there anything you wish HAD been in the movie? 

I can't think of any scenes from the book that I wish they had added in the movie- Honest to God, everything I wanted to be included was. I will say that I'm glad they decided to forgo the tampon scene... I could have done without that one in the book, in all honesty. 

What I am curious about is how Christian and Anastasia are going to find their way back to one another in the second movie. In the first book, Ana asks Christian to go to one of Jose's shows as her date and he agrees... So in Fifty Shades Darker that's initially what brings them back together to see one another; Christian asks Ana if she would still like him to accompany her. None of that was included in the movie, but I'm sure they'll have some other fancy way of bringing them back together. I don't care either way to be honest... Just bring me back some more Christian and Ana! 

OMG. As we've said, I haven't read the books...and that's one scene I'm thankful to have never read. I remember when you first read them and told me about it. I was grossed out just hearing about it! I couldn't have sat through that in a movie. 

Huh. If they intended to get them back together the same way it happened in the books, then you would think they would have planted that seed in movie 1. It will be interesting to see how that all plays out. 

I feel the need to admit something, although I was a bit ashamed at my initial feelings... While reading the book and even watching the movie, I couldn't help but feel so frustrated with Ana. She basically begged Christian to beat her, and then completely broke his heart by leaving him once she did. After reading the second book, I understood why she did what she did... But dammit, I was still upset that she even asked for the punishment to begin with. 

Yeah, I see that. Part of me doesn't blame her though. She asked for it but she also said she needed to see it to know if she could handle it. And I think (based on the movie alone) that she was more upset that he NEEDED to beat her like that than she was at the actual beating.

I think it was one thing to play but another thing entirely to be whipped/beaten/flogged like that in punishment. I think it was an eyeopener for her and the "play" aspect blinders were removed from her vision to see that he was serious and this was his actual lifestyle. It's not just for play. 

It's almost like she was more mad at herself and she took it out on him. And she was mad at his need to punish her like that. Not just a spanking...which she laughed through remember ... this was different.

Dang. Look at me standing up for her! ;) 

Point VERY well made Linds! I'm glad we discussed this- You opened my eyes in an entirely new light.

Since we're talking about the ending, there is something I wanted to touch on. We've both seen articles about the confrontations between the author and the director of the movie. In one of the articles, it's stated that the author demanded the movie end with "NO." while the director wanted to end it with Ana's safe word "RED." I have to say, that when I was in the theater, I was thinking of that as the movie was ending...and I totally agree with the director. The ending was powerful but I think it could have been even MORE powerful if they had ended it on the safe word since he's all about that stuff. It would have stopped him cold. 

However, there's something to be said for her using "NO." that stopped him but it also didn't mean, "this is over forever" while it momentarily stopped him, it also left the door open for him to pursue her in the future. 

Wow. I had no idea that there was a conflict between which word to be used for the dramatic finale. I for one, am happy with the choice that was made. "Red" would have just sounded... I don't know, weird or cheesy. So in this instance, I completely agree with the author. I think using her safe word would have left him extremely hesitant to pursue her in the future. In the second book, Christian makes it a point to say that they don't need safe words in their relationship- If she told him to stop then he would, end of story. So maybe that's also why the author didn't want the movie to end on that note as well. 

That's a good point. And it goes back to having inside knowledge ;) by having read the books. I think that since he did bring up the safe word in the movie, it would have been great to have Ana say it just so that he stopped because she did use the safe word and she was done. But I also agree that to have her utter that word would mean she was not just done with him for now but with him for always. And knowing that there are two other books then you're left wondering "Dang, she used the safe word, it's over and done with, how do they get back together." 

Or...and i just thought of this...maybe the author fought for No over Red is because Red was for in the room and they weren't in the room so there was no reason to use it!?

You make some pretty good points, as always my friend. I still have to say that if she had just yelled "RED" in Christian's face, I would have probably busted out laughing. It just would have sounded so... Ridiculous, lol. 

LOL. Well...seeing as I was giggling throughout the whole movie at the dialog, that would have been pretty normal for me. But then again, seeing as the previous red room scene (not the very last one but the one before that) where he told her to use her safe word when she wanted things to stop, it might still have made an impact on me and been like "wow. She's totally done. He's broken her and her love for him."

I can totally see how the word "red" would have made a bigger impact- I'm just glad that they decided to stick with what they did- Regardless of whichever word they would have used though, that was definitely one hell of an ending... Err... Cliffhanger, I should say.

It was an awful cliffhanger! It was ALMOST bad enough to make me want to pick up book 2 just to see what happens next. 

So... The real question here is, will you no doubt be seeing the second movie once it's released or are you perfectly content with going on with your life and never thinking twice about Christian and all of his Fifty Shades of Fucked Up? 

LOL. No matter if I was content with never thinking twice about Christian and his Fifty Shades of Fucked Up (I laughed when he said that btw), I would see the movie just to see how it translates on screen and just how much of Jamie Dornan they show.

Oh! Speaking of that, one last rant before we go....for a movie that's aimed at the female fans, they showed entirely too much of Dakota Johnson and not nearly enough of Jamie Dornan! The camera kept focusing on her naked body and we only got one butt shot of Jamie, a few chest & back shots and a split second of the "root" of the good stuff. I'm putting in a request now for more Jamie, less focus on Dakota's body. ;)

YES! YES! YES! More Jamie, please! I don't think I'll ever get enough of him and all of his glorious deliciousness!

We want to thank you so much for joining us today for our Fifty Shades of Sunday Spotlight. We've had a lot of fun talking about the movie and drooling over Jamie Dornan. 

In case you're interested, Alyssa's two reviews (yes two!) of Fifty Shades of Grey can be found here: REVIEW


  1. two are hysterical!! I have to admit, while I did enjoy the first book, I couldn't bring myself to read anymore in the series after that. Anastasia and her "inner Goddess" made me want to slap her...but then again, she might like that! I've watched an extended trailer that someone pieced together, and I have to say, I'm thinking this might be a case where the movie might be better than the book, which is rarely the case. I had no intention of ever watching it, but after reading this and, I might someday...but I won't pay to see it. I also didn't think that Jamie Dornan was a good pick as Christian Grey, but after seeing some snippets and pictures of him, I have to admit, I was wrong, he is intense and HOT!

    Hey, don't knock the flip phone, I have a slide phone, it serves it purpose, although my son laughs at it. I'll catch up someday.

    Anyhoo...great post girls, love the pics and gifs, and thanks for the laughs!

    1. Lol. Thanks Karla! <3

      I always knew I was going to see the movie just because a friend that lives near me asked me if I'd see it with her when it came out. So the plans have been in place for close to a year. Lol. I should also share that I got to see it for free since I had a free ticket to the theater and used it for FSoG. So for the price, it was awesome! ;)