Thursday, March 12, 2015

Author Cassandra Zara needs your help!

Hey everybody. Some distressing news from an author that we've read and enjoyed. 

Cassandra Zara needs your help. She posted the following message on Facebook and in her most recent newsletter:

To all fans of Cassandra Zara:

If you are wondering where part 1 of my popular new serial "A Baby for My Billionaire Stepbrother" has gone, you might ask the person who filed a false DMCA notice against me to Amazon. So far, all Amazon has given me is the name and email address of "Joannah", the person who is apparently responsible for costing my family hundreds of dollars in sales for every day that the book remains off sale. This happened recently to Becca Mills and her book "Nolander". In addition, by the time the book does go back on sale, Amazon's sales algorithms will have made all three parts that are currently out nearly invisible. I've been told that there's literally nothing I can do until "Joannah" agrees to let my book return to sale, and she has not bothered to answer my email. They won't even tell me what book I've plagiarized. I have completed part 4 of this serial, but will not release it while part 1 remains blocked from sale, because it will wither on the vine without the other books to back it up.

I have filed a counter-notice against the DMCA which removes liability from Amazon if they repost the content. Amazon has not acted on it yet. If you think this is unfair or unjust, please send an email to Jeff Bezos at and also cc Ask him to please hurry the process of returning the book with the ASIN of B00TJ0LKVU to sale. He loves receiving unhappy customer emails. A sample email is below (which, ironically, I copied from a fan of Becca Mills), for you to copy and paste if you'd like. In return, I will release some extended scenes from the first book when it goes back on sale. Thank you very much!



Dear Mr. Bezos,

I am a customer of Amazon. An author I am a fan of was recently accused of copyright infringement on Amazon. She has sent Amazon counter-notice.

She has not received any data about her accuser except a name and email. She has not even been told which book she has supposedly infringed upon.

By the DMCA's own laws AMAZON IS NOT LIABLE AFTER a counter notice is filed. YOU CANNOT BE SUED for reposting her book. Please do the right thing and relist it. Relevant info below:

Title: A Baby for My Billionaire Stepbrother
Author: Cassandra Zara

Any emails would be appreciated. We hope that she's able to get the situation resolved so that she can release repost the first book and release the forth book in the series. 

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