Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sunday Spotlight: Movie vs. Book....Part 3

I’ll admit that it’s been a while since I read the book. I first read Insurgent prior to seeing the first movie, Divergent. I always knew I was going to see the movie but I only decided to read the books a month before the release of Divergent. I became an instant fan of Four (played by Theo James) 

I couldn’t get enough of him. I devoured the series and all the little Four stories the author put out. Then came the movie. I was completely in love. Theo James plays him perfectly!

I will follow him anywhere!

So, I’ve been looking forward to Insurgent since seeing Divergent. I couldn’t wait for more of Four. From what I remember of the book, I was really frustrated and irritated with Tris. Since the book was from her POV, we were forced to endure constant guilty from her about the death of her parents and her friend Will. While I was sorry that those deaths occurred at all, and I got Tris’s guilt, it became monotonous to read about for 300+ pages. Add to the fact that Tris seemed to have a death wish due to her guilt and that she and Four fought for most of the book…well…she was annoying and diminished my enjoyment of the actual book. So while I was looking forward to the movie, I wasn’t looking forward to more Tris.

So color me surprised to find that I loved this movie. It really helped that as the viewer, you were watching everything play out as an observant 3rd party instead of being in Tris’s head. Yes, she still had guilt and she there was still the self sacrifice death wish present in the movie, but  it was lessened.

I think the biggest difference between the book and the movie was the end. Without giving anything away, in the book, it basically ends on a cliffhanger that picks up in book 3. However with the movie, I loved the ending and felt like it was a great place to end the series. I didn’t feel like there was more to the story, that there was nothing more to do so there’s no need for movies 3 & 4.

However, I’ll also admit that book 3 wasn’t my favorite. I hated the division between Four and Tris. I hated how the author totally jacked up everything we knew and ripped Four apart. I hated what she did to Four. And the end…well…that sucked. No doubt I’ll see movies 3 & 4, hoping that changes will be made. Because the Four you meet in the first book wasn’t the same guy in book 3. He was torn down and broken and acted immature…nothing like the Four I’d come to know and love. And it didn’t help that Tris was still on her quest to sacrifice her life out of guilt.

Overall, I think this was a rare instance where I loved the movie more than the book. I mean seriously, how can you NOT love this guy!? I <4 

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