Monday, April 20, 2015

Review: Aphrodite's Fire by S.J. Warner


Aphrodite's Fire by S.J. Warner

Book Description: 

Forced to flee from her past Serena finds herself struggling to survive in the seedy world of strippers, never imagining she could be found. After changing her identity to hide from those who had massacred her family, her life is far from easy. Just as she begins to feel safe her past catches up with her, a past that remembers her all to well. One fateful night she finds herself rescued and befriended by Luca, an elegant man that she doesn't recognise as the threat he could be. Over the years Luca's adoration of her memory had kept him sustained as he sought to find the young girl he had fallen in love with. Upon finding her, he finds himself determined to protect her from the dark forces that seek her demise. What Serena is yet to learn as she finds herself falling in love with Luca is he is in the employ of the very man who needs her silenced. With warped and twisted enforcers actively hunting them Luca tries to sideline those that hunt her with false information not realising just how close the danger really is. The two lovers soon find they are snared at every turn. Can they move beyond their pained pasts and the danger of the present to buy themselves a future or will the sadistic enemy they face rip their lives apart

5 amazing stars

Not even sure where to start?
If you love books with mob ties, romance, smoking hot sex and dark elements then this book is PERFECT for you.

I loved the heroine Serena, she had a strength and determination which made her incredibly likable and easy to relate to. To go through what she had had to endure in her life and still come out the other side strong and fearless is admirable.

Luca has an element of mystery to him which is incredibly attractive and draws you to him. His devotion to protecting Serena is swoon-worthy and made me fall in love with him.

I do have to say though that Benito with all his twisted masochistic tendencies really was the one I loved the most. hahaha! Yes for those of you who know me that is not a surprise! I just loved getting inside his head and delving into its darkness.

Would I recommend this book?

HELL YES!!!! I would warn you that there are elements of it which are quite dark but the romantic element to the love story between Serena and Luca balances this out perfectly.
So I highly suggest you buy a copy now so you don't miss out

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