Monday, May 4, 2015

REVIEW: Inked Stepbrother: New Adult Stepbrother Romance by Stephanie Brother

Inked Stepbrother: New Adult Stepbrother RomanceInked Stepbrother: New Adult Stepbrother Romance by Stephanie Brother
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Book Description: 

"Inked, sexy, rich ... rude beyond belief.
Meet my stepbrother, Hunter Parker."
It's been five years since he walked out on me, never looking back.
He's back now, but I have a plan of my own - and I'm thirsty for revenge.
Watch out, Hunter, because I'm coming for you.

"Innocent, sweet, sexy as hell.
I don't know how long I can resist little Candy Winters ..."
It's been five years since I left, too tempted by my innocent stepsister.
I thought I could deal with her, but she's all grown up and hotter than ever.
Run, little Candy ... I've always had a sweet tooth, and I bite.

**This is a standalone stepbrother romance with a HEA and no cliffhanger!**

This book definitely had it's positives and negatives.

Positive: Hunter (the hero) was initially a jerk. I can't help it, I'm into jerks right now.

Negative: Hunter turned sweet and mushy as soon and he and Candace hopped into bed. I'm all for some sweetness from him toward her, but it was just a little too much.

Positive: Great chemistry between Candace and Hunter. Loved the chemistry they had and how they initially fought the attraction.

Negative: How innocent and naive Candace was. I'm ok with innocent heroines but the extent of Candace's innocence was a little much. I just didn't buy it, at 19 years old.

Positive: Hunter's protective nature. I loved how even before he was willing to start something with her, he was protective of Candace and jealous of any guy that she showed interest in.

Negative: Candace's name. I only saw the actual name Candace a couple times in the book. Majority of the time she was called Candy and I'm not a fan of that name. It just didn't seem to suit her.

Positive: This is a full story. It's got a HEA and isn't a serial series. I'm not sure on the exact length but it is longer than most of the short stories out there.

Negative: It was still a little short & rushed at times. Plus, I didn't care for the 6 month time jump. I understand why it was needed/used but it didn't really work for me. Oddly enjoy, maybe if the time had been longer?

Anyway, overall, the book was decent. I'd read more from the author and recommend this to others.

*copy received from the author in exchange for an honest review*

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