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BLOG TOUR: Step F*@K by Scarlett Ward

Meet Jai in this sexy stepbrother romance! 


That's all I did. A few too many glasses of wine with my best friend and the bitch convinced me to go on one of those dating websites.

A one-night stand.

A booty call.

And you know what? It.was.amazing.

I spent all night in a sexy stranger's arms, hot and sweaty, until it was time to sneak out and do the walk of shame back to my apartment.

I never thought I'd see sexy stranger again, and I was totally fine with that - until my mother's wedding.

She's getting remarried, see. And sexy stranger just happens to be my new stepbrother.

All the wine in the world isn't going to make this better.

I have to say that I loved this story (for the most part…more on that in a bit).

I loved the premise that they didn’t know they were going to be related by marriage and that they randomly found each other through a dating website.

I thought Jai and Emma had great chemistry!

My one issue with the book was the ending. Now, I know I’m always complaining about cliffhangers and the such, but in this case, that wasn’t it. My issue was that there wasn’t one…an ending I mean. I finished the chapter, turned the page and it was blank. Nothing more to read. I hit 100%. And I was shocked. And if I’m being honest (and I am), I was kind of pissed. I mean, ok, it’s a serial…I knew that going in. But I expected there to be some kind of cliff. The saving grace…that I already have part 2 to move on to. (Yay me!!!)

But overall…this is a great start to the story of Jai and Emma. I can't wait to see what happens next!

This one picks up with the morning after for Jai and Emma. After an awkward start (involving French fries), Emma finds a wedding ring and automatically assumes that it belongs to Jai. Well, misunderstandings ensue and she flips out and there’s quite a yelling match.

The chemistry was still there and I loved seeing their reactions to “meeting” each other at the family dinner!

The ending to this one was just as bad as the first, but I will say this….I’m glad that the marriage misunderstanding was cleared up rather quickly (aka by the end of this book) and not dragged out for the rest of the series.

I can’t wait to move on to part 3!

Ok, so while I’m enjoying this series, I’m also tired of all the “no, we can’t, our parents are getting married” arguments. It happened, it keeps happening, you guys can’t stay away from each other…stop the games.

I’m actually starting to feel bad for Jai because she keeps jerking him around. I’m so unsure of how they can have a HEA with her still firmly in the “we can’t be together”, “it’s wrong” and “it’s just a physical attraction” phase.

On to book 4 to find out how it ends!

Step F*@k (Book Four) by Scarlett Ward

Oh boy. Well, I finished. Can’t say I loved it, because I didn’t. This part of the story gave me a few issues. The first being the misunderstanding. I realize that Emma was upset and hurt and jumping to conclusions, but they’ve already been through that and she should have stopped to think about that before running away.

My other issue was with the time jump, not so much that there was one, but that both Jai and Emma were sleeping with other people for the four months they were apart. Um….really!? You’re so hung up on the other person that you start randomly sleeping with every Tom, Dick and Harry to cross your path!? That really bothered me.

I’m not sure if there should have been one more piece to this story, to really develop the emotions between Emma and Jai, or if there should have been less games between them in part 3 but either way, I wasn’t really convinced that they were in love.

Overall, the story wasn’t bad. Sure, I had a few issues, but for the most part, it was entertaining. 


He doesn’t let me finish. He lets go of my wrist and grabs my hips, lifting me up onto the bathroom counter. My breath catches in my throat as my shoulders collide with the mirror. He’s kissing my neck, his hands all over me, and I wrap my legs around his torso and run my hands through his hair.
          “I don’t want to be doing this,” I gasp, but we both know that’s not true. And he’s not technically my stepbrother yet.

He starts to unbuckle his pants. “You want me to fuck you?”
          He pushes his pants down. “Say it.”
          “I want you to fuck me.”

Series Reading Order

Part Two
Releasing June 25th

Part Three
Releasing July 3rd

Part Four
Releasing July 10th

Scarlett Ward is a yoga-loving, coffee-drinking writer who finally took the plunge and wrote her first book. Her own stepbrother wasn't remotely good-looking, but the one she dreamed up for Step F*@k is absolutely DIVINE.

Scarlett hates long walks on the beach. That shit is hard. She prefers laying out by the pool with her laptop, writing her next story while working on her tan.

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