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REVIEW: Beautiful PRICK by Sophia Kenzie

25607732Beautiful PRICK by Sophia Kenzie
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Book Description: 

I’m a production assistant for a major movie studio, and I happen to be damn good at my job. So how the hell did I end up as his personal assistant? 

Johnny Braylock—even his name makes him sound like a total prick. 

He thinks his chiseled abs, massively broad shoulders, rock-hard biceps, and movie star smile can get him whatever he wants…and rumor has it, the tool he’s packing in his pants gets him any girl he wants. 

I used to have the biggest crush on him. It was an embarrassing crush. It was one of those crushes where I had a giant poster of him in my bedroom, and I used to tell my mother that one day I would marry him… 

That’s before I actually met the 6’1’’ two-hundred pound Welsh God face to face. That’s before he opened his mouth and the true inglorious, chauvinistic asshole he is was revealed to me. Apparently, because he’s an ex-marine, a gorgeous movie star, and an MMA fighter means I’m supposed to worship the ground he walks on. 

Despite being my teenage movie star crush, the man drives me absolutely, positively nuts. I hate him. It’s quite possible that I hate him more than I’ve hated anyone in my entire life. I hate him twenty-three hours of the day. 

It’s that freaking twenty-fourth hour that gets me every time. Why the hell is he so beautiful? Why is his accent so sexy? Why do his insults simultaneously sting and make my body react in unspeakable ways? 

And why the hell do I keep coming back…and back…and back for more? 

Beautiful Prick is a full-length contemporary new adult romance novel. It’s intended for mature readers, contains harsh language and adult content, no cliff hanger.

This book was a rollercoaster ride.

The prologue left me feeling like I was dropped right into the middle of the story (and I was since it was the exact scene that happens later in the book) and I didn’t particularly care for the sudden drop into the story.

Things got better as I started from chapter 1. I enjoyed meeting Caroline and her friend Melissa. I liked their personalities. And since both of them work behind the scenes in Hollywood, I knew the story was right up my alley. Then you meet Johnny…Welsh hottie that isn’t just an actor, he’s also got a black belt, training in MMA and he’s a former Marine. Can’t get any better than that…right?

Well, shortly after the movie starts filming, Johnny pulls rank and gets her reassigned from Production Assistant to his Personal Assistant. And of course, he sets out to seduce her. Caroline is having none of that, even though he was her teenage celebrity crush. One particular night, she ends up drunk and back at his house and she sneaks out in the middle of the night. This brings us to a very important event in Caroline’s story…she’s mugged. Johnny finds her, cleans her up and takes care of her (he really was awesome). Unfortunately this is also where things start to go wonky for me.

To help herself cope, Caroline asks Johnny to teach her to fight. Nothing wrong with that, it means in the future, she’ll be able to defend herself. What I didn’t like was that after a few lessons, Caroline thought she was good enough to fight in an underground MMA match. And what was worse was her TSTL idea of confronting her muggers (there were 5 of them). Johnny was right, it wasn’t just a bad idea, it was suicide.

My other big issue with the book was that while I got their attraction, I never really felt an emotional connection between the characters.

So, overall, it wasn’t a bad book. It was a quick read but it needed more connection for me to really love it.

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