Wednesday, July 8, 2015

REVIEW: Perfect Dreams by Marsha Greene

Perfect Dreams by 

My rating: 3 out of 5

Book Description: 

Julia Simmons has a dangerous secret. 

Six years ago Julia had fled New York and made a quiet life for herself in Nashville but in a twist of fate, her past and present collide with the ferocity of a runaway train and leave betrayal, death and mayhem in its wake. Her and her loved ones’ existence is threatened as Julia becomes a target for a notorious gangster and the only one who can save her is the devastatingly handsome private detective Andrew Seaton.

After one encounter, Julia is captivated beyond reason without realizing that Andrew is hiding a secret of his own. Much too soon she is swept away in Andrew’s untamed sensuality, handing him over her mind and body. Their fatal attraction riddled with suspicions, results in a tragedy and it might be too late by the time they both realize that trust is all they ever needed. Will Andrew turn her perfect dreams into a reality or will he destroy her completely? 

Warning* Intended for mature readers. Contains sexually explicit scenes.

 photo ARC Provided by _zpsrjdqdnrs.jpgThis story was...
1. Fast paced
2. Steamy
3. A bit of a thriller that had elements of suspense, tension and excitement.

Andrew and Julia have an instant attraction the minute they meet and it only gets more intense each and every time they meet thereafter. However, they are both hiding something that actually links them together, even though Andrew knows about Julia's secret, for the most part.

Julia is loved by all and loves those she adds to her list of family and friends. She's loyal, hard working, caring, and would give you the shirt off her back. She's a talented artist with glass work and the only thing she wants is the dream man who can love her, give her a family, and protect her.

Andrew doesn't think he needs a woman to complete his life. He's fine with different women for short time periods, until he spots Julia. She flips his views upside down and brings out the protective, possessive, demanding, super sexy side and he's very determined to claim her, posses her, and own her to the very depths of his soul.

Andrew is working a case that affects Julia's life, while she's clueless and trying to hang back in the shadows blissfully unaware - until a surprise pops back up in her life. 

Can Julia trust Andrew with all of her secrets, and her heart?
Will she be able to forgive him when she finds out his secrets? 

What I liked:
1. The flow of the story
2. The instant attraction 
3. Kept my attention to the very end.
3. Had a determined, alpha male who doesn't like the word no, who was protective and could be sweet and loving.
4. The secondary characters- Alex, Sean, and Andrew's & Alex's mom.
5. The idea of the whole story.
6. The relationship between Julia and Andrew.
7. Bad situations didn't drag out.
8. Ms. Greene isn't afraid to "change things up" with characters- you'll see when you read the story what this means. 
9. I had a few teary moments.

What needs work:
1. Needs a little bit of editing for- missing punctuation marks, words that should be contractions,and missing words to make a sentence work.

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