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REVIEW: Stepbrother Hero by Krista Lakes

25615095Stepbrother Hero: A Forbidden Romance by Krista Lakes
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Book Description: 

“You better be careful, or I'll have to rip that dress right off of you,” he growled...

I'm pregnant, and the father of my child is the one man that I can't have.

He's intelligent, muscular, and oh-so-sexy.

He's also my stepbrother.

Ian got off on tormenting me for years, using my silly crush to humiliate me over and over.

However, things have changed since he joined the Army. I've grown up, filled out, and come into my own.

Even though he was leaving in a month, I soon realized that I would doanything, take any risk, to keep him in my life.

Especially if I could give him the one thing he had always wanted...

A baby.

This book was formerly published as "A Baby for My Military Stepbrother" as a series. This is the complete novelization.

I have to start off by saying that I’m so glad that I got to finally finish this book. What Amazon did to the author when she was publishing this as a serial was just awful. But, she was able to publish this as one book, and I for one was beyond happy.

I loved the beginning of this book. I loved the chemistry between Ian and Hayley . I loved how they got together, how they’d always wanted to be together. The beginning of the story was great, how Ian and Hayley finally got together, the plans they were making for their future…but of course, every book needs a foe, an obstacle; and in this book, it was Rachel. Rachel was Ian’s ex-fiancé and Hayley’s ex-best friend.

I loathed Rachel. From the moment that she entered the picture, it seemed like everyone had turned against Hayley.

Rachel was one of the worst characters I’ve read in a long time (well done by the author!). I absolutely hated her. And what was worse is that Ian, and Hayley’s dad saw how awful she was to Hayley but couldn’t do anything about it because of the leverage Rachel had over Ian.

When her lies were finally found out, I was quite literally:

Ian’s mother, Jenny, who had previously been decent to Hayley was now believing the cheating witch Rachel…every word out of her mouth. I realize that she and Hayley’s dad were in the process of going through a divorce and divorces are always hard, but she went from being pleasant to Hayley to a vindictive bitch in the blink of an eye. I wish she’d had her comeuppance, and I really wish I’d seen her reaction to the events towards the end of the book.

My one complaint was that while I loved having a full story as opposed to a bunch of pieces, the end was just a little too rushed. I wished there was a little bit more groveling from Ian and I wish there had been an (unaccepted) apology from Jenny to Hayley.

Before I end the review, I have to say that Hayley was a very smart and practical person. After certain events, instead of giving into the temptation of Ian, she thought ahead to what the future would be like and she chose herself and her child over the continued torture from Rachel. I appreciate the author not making Hayley a TSTL heroine and having her make the smart decision.

Overall, I really enjoy this author’s work and I’m glad that I finally got the conclusion to this story.

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