Wednesday, August 5, 2015

REVIEW: Step by Roxie Rivera

StepStep by Roxie Rivera
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Book Desctiption: 

Sinister Mayhem lead singer Step Vasiliev likes his women wild, his sex rough and his partying hard--but his reckless lifestyle has finally caught up with him. His thirtieth birthday ends with a humiliating face-plant onto the floor of his luxury hotel suite.

Hardworking hotel maid Jemima Coates comes to his rescue. Her kindness enthralls him, but it's her sweet, innocent beauty that ensnares him. One stolen kiss--and Step knows he'll do anything to protect her.

When her younger brother is kidnapped, Step vows to get him back, even if that means knocking on the door of Russian mob boss Nikolai and calling in favors from his cousin Ten, the infamous mob enforcer.

Because Step has finally tasted happiness, and he'll fight like hell to keep Jem in his life...

Rockstars, mafia and SEALs...OH MY!

This book had a little bit of everything. Granted, the SEAL wasn't actually present but he was mentioned a few times so I wouldn't be surprised to see him pop up with his own book.

This book is short (shorter than I anticipated) so it's an easy read. I loved the way Step and Jem met. They had some good chemistry but I wish there had been...more...for them. More story, more time. It just all felt really rushed and that's sad because it started out really great. The author did include a note at the end saying that this was originally published in an anthology and that the characters would get another book but...I wish this had just been a full length story for them to start with.

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