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Three Wishes by Kristen Ashley

11102353Three Wishes by Kristen Ashley
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When Lily Jacobs was born, she inherited Fazire – a genie. Her family had three wishes and they’d only ever used one so Fazire was stuck in the human world. This worked since he’d become a member of the family anyway.

Even with a genie, Lily's young life wasn’t perfect. To escape the kids making her miserable at school, Lily buried herself in romance novels. One day, when the teasing was just too much, she used one of her wishes. She told Fazire she wanted to find a man like in her books and she made the most complicated wish Fazire had ever heard. Her wished-for man had to be impossibly handsome, virile, fierce, rugged and ruthless (amongst a dozen other things).

He also had to think she was beautiful and he had to love her more than anything in the world.

Nathaniel McAllister wasn’t born to a life where there were such things as genies granting wishes. His life was filled with drugs, crime and neglect. He was running errands for a gangster before he was in his teens and, even though life and hard work led him to wealth and respectability, he always knew, deep down, he was dirty. When Nate met Lily he knew he was no good for her but as virile, fierce, rugged and ruthless as he was, Nate was no match for the pull of sweet, innocent Lily.

Unfortunately, Lily’s wish included that she and her hero go through trials and tribulations to test their love. And Fazire wasn’t only a good genie, he loved Lily – so he gave her exactly what she wanted.

It's no secret that Kristen Ashley is on my top 3 all time favorite author list. I've read just about every book she's published, and the ones I haven't read yet are ones I'm saving so I'll have 'new' material in between her new releases.

So I was combing through my kindle looking for something to read and Three Wishes caught my eye. I've had it for a while but just kind of bypassed it. Stupid of me! I started this book last night, stayed up way too late, then finished after I got home from work this evening. If you've read a KA book, then you know she doesn't exactly write short books! I literally could not put it down! I just had to see what was gonna happen next!

This awesome tale was not at all what I expected, and I mean that in the absolute best of ways. There's not a whole lot I can say about the details that isn't in the blurb without giving too much away, so I'll just say I loved every aspect of it, even the ones that weren't fun. The best part, the ending. KA has a way with epilogues, and this one was no exception.

A little tidbit about myself, I'm a crier. It sucks and I hate it. Stupid girl hormones or some such crap ;) So there were a few times in this book I found myself on the verge of bawling like a damn baby! I laughed, I got so angry I started to sweat. (Trust me, it wasn't pretty) That's what I love most about KA books. They make me feel. I get so engrossed in the story, it's like I'm a part of it. And that is what I look for in a book, and what I consider a great author to be able to accomplish. I've reread many of her books, and I can definitely see Three Wishes going on that list too. It was a great book and I highly recommend it!

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