Thursday, October 15, 2015

Stranded with My Stepbrother

A standalone taboo romance. No cliffhanger. 18+

On the way to our parents wedding in the mountains, the mother of all snow storms attacks, leaving me stranded in a remote cabin with my new stepbrother.

My hot as hell, I-need-to-change-my-panties because-they’re-soaked, cocky asshole of a stepbrother, Bentley McAllister.

The kicker of it all?

The only items he's packed are liquor and condoms, and he’s looking at me like he wants to put both to good use.

My name is Sierra, and my libido can only take so much.

Send help!

I love step brother stories. I love the chemistry that happens between the characters, how they deal with having married parents. However, I found that chemistry to be lacking in this book.

The book starts out with the heroine being extremely angry with the hero and I just couldn't figure out why she hated him so much. Maybe if there had been more lead up to her anger, I would have understood, but there was nothing. The other thing I found curious was that, while I get living in/growing up in a small town means people know your business, I was a little surprised that everyone seemed to know and gossip about everyone’s sex life. Sierra knew an awful lot of details about Bentley’s sex life and I get girls talking and gossiping but I was shocked that Bentley knew about Sierra’s one and only boyfriend/partner from college. 

Once Sierra and Bentley were actually stranded, it just fell clich├ęd how they fell into bed. I never felt any real chemistry between them or connection of any kind. And when they suddenly realize their feelings go deeper than physically hooking up, I found it cheesy and unbelievable. There just wasn’t enough story, background, history or interaction prior to them being stranded for me to believe that they genuinely had feelings for each other. In a way, this almost felt like the center of a story that was missing the beginning/set up.

Overall, this is not my favorite step brother book. However if you're looking for a hot quick read you might like this.

The step-brother theme is one that I'm admittedly a newbie to. I've read a few, but not enough to be able to tell you honestly what makes one better or different than another, aside from just knowing when a book is awesome or one that just isn't for me. 

With that said, this book was a decent, steamy read. It's a book that I would describe as an 'in-betweener'. Good to pass the time between longer more in depth books. There wasn't a deep story line, but I was ok with that. Sometimes you just want a steamy fluffy read.

As for the characters, I didn't connect with them. I found Sierra to be kind of a nagging bitch. She was jumping on Bentley's case from the moment to book started and I wasn't sure why. What business is it of hers if he wants to be a manwhore?! And bravo to him for buying an extra large box of condoms. Protection is good! It just irked me that she was so angry with him for no apparent reason. 

The other thing I found lacking was the chemistry between them. It's like, they hated each other and argued for a good portion of the book, then all of a sudden after the have sex, they love each other. I get the whole hiding behind one emotion to cover up true feelings, but this didn't jive. I dunno, maybe I just missed something. 

Overall it was an ok read for me. 

Madison Collins is the author of romantic short stories such as Caged, Stranded with My Stepbrother and the upcoming Monster Prick. She enjoys the occasional stiff cocktail, and watching romantic comedies. Most days you can find her curled up with a good book. She currently resides in New Jersey.

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