Sunday, December 27, 2015

A year of PIFYOU! Mwahahaha

A year of PIFYOU! Mwahahaha

We decided to do something fun for 2016…it will be the YEAR OF PIFYOU! (MWAHAHAHAHAHA!)

Nikki and Lindsay will be following a list of options we came up with. Every month, they’ll each pick a book for the other person in one of these categories. We’ll be doing special posts for when we pick our books and another post for when we discuss what we thought.

We’ll update the blog with our reviews and the books chosen under the month headings below.

January: Biker Book

Lindsay's Pick:            Nikki's Pick:

 25012782        23258847


February: Paranormal book

March: Book with a tattoo artist/tattooed Hero

April: One of Lindsay/Nikki’s favorites

May: Out of their comfort zone (ie. musicians for N and vinyards for L)

June: Athlete romance

July: A book that we have resisted reading even though Lindsay/Nikki says it’s awesome

August: Historical Romance

September: Romantic Suspense

October: Military Character

November: Navy SEALs

December: Holiday Romance

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