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REVIEW: L is for Luminous by Amity Cross

26508036L is for Luminous by Amity Cross
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Book Description: 

When desperado dork Lux Dawson gets stuck in an elevator at a comic convention, she couldn’t be any more mortified.

She’s just another writer trying to get her work seen, not to get stuck in a three by four metal box with the sexiest male specimen she’s ever seen…who just happens to be guest of honor, Jude Atwood.
Jude’s the star of the hottest TV series on the American airwaves, the supernatural detective show Naturals, and he’s at the height of his star studded career. Too bad she’s a nobody and he has a famous actor girlfriend, who just happens to be his onscreen, epic love. Who could compete with that, right? But for some insane reason Jude wants to know all about Lux…including her disaster of a writing career.
Once those elevator doors are pried open by the jaws of life and reality arrives in the form of hordes of waiting paparazzi, Lux’s life is about to explode…
She just doesn’t know it yet.

Prior to starting this, I didn’t know what to read. So I did what I always do and I started going through books on my kindle and looking them up on Goodreads to see what sparks my interest. I’ve read at least one book by Amity Cross before and it ended in a cliffhanger so when I decided this looked good, I did something I typically don’t do…look at reviews prior to reading. I was really worried that this would have a cliffhanger and I’d have to wait for ages for the second book. The good news is THIS BOOK IS A STAND ALONE WITH A HEA. Ok, that’s not the only good part, but I just wanted to get that out of the way ;)

What sold me on this book was the fact that someone said it was a slow build romance…and that’s exactly what I wanted. This fit the bill perfectly. I loved seeing a relationship develop between characters…seeing them become friends and see how they start falling for each other and how their romantic relationship develops.

I really liked Lux. I found her to be very believable. It was very refreshing to see a character that was quietly strong. She was incredibly shy and easily embarrassed…you could easily say with anxiety issues since she would use google street view to find the front door of an unknown place so she didn’t get embarrassed…but I liked her. I also loved how she grew and changed over the course of the book. How she became stronger, more sure of herself and accepting that she was talented and deserved the job opportunities that she had been given.

I can’t talk about the book without mentioning Jude…not a huge fan on the name, mostly because it reminds me of the Beatles and I’m not a fan, but that’s neither here nor there. The whole time I was reading, I kept picturing Jude as Jensen Ackles. I loved the friendship that developed between Jude and Lux. Going back to how Lux grew, I loved how she called Jude on how he would use their friendship as a distraction when things went bad with his on-again-off-again girlfriend. I didn’t like Jude’s hot and cold attitude at times.

The book was primarily from Lux’s pov, but toward the end, we did get Jude’s POV. I was both happy and dismayed by this. As much as I loved seeing his POV, I also hated it just because he point blank said that he was playing with her at times and irritated at her for stopping his advances because he wanted her and he was famous so he normally got what he wanted (no, that’s not a direct quote…I’m paraphrasing)…but that’s just it…he didn’t take it seriously and I was dismayed to find that out because I wanted to believe that he was falling in love with her. Now, maybe he was. He also said “it took an entire year for me to realize that Lux meant more to me than just a best friend, or more than some passing attraction”. So he’s obviously not quick on the uptake of love and romance. So, at least he was honest. But he totally needed some sense knocked into him.

Even with the few issues, I really did enjoy this book. It was exactly what I was looking for and it was only with distance away from it after I finished that my issues occurred to me. I absolutely love slow burn romances so this was absolutely perfect in that respect.

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