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SARAH BRIANNE has a new book!!!! CHLOE is now AVAILABLE!!!

So, if you've followed us for the last few years, you'll know that we're HUGE fans of Sarah Brianne's Made Men series, especially Lindsay. So as soon as this book came out, she was all over it! 

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Made Men #3
Sarah Brianne
Released April 29th, 2016
Young Ink Press

Chloe’s scarred face makes her the school’s freak.
Her reflection is a constant reminder of how she got them.
The man who scarred her haunts not only her dreams, but also her reality.
Some nightmares don’t go away in the daylight.

Two men stand up to save her from the nightmares.
Both are men of the mafia, waiting behind a door she doesn’t want to open.
Amo the soldier and Lucca the underboss.
The Beast and the Boogieman.

Who will she choose?

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Holy cliffhanger batman!

Ok, so to start my review of this, I need to backtrack and give you my impressions going into this book. Going into this book, I was firmly in the Amo camp. Don’t get me wrong, I love Luca, but based on what I currently know of Chloe, I'm convinced that Chloe is just too scared to be the right girl for Luca. Luca needs someone that can be stronger with his support and protection and who won't be scared of him. Not someone that would flinch away from him. And my impression of Amo is that he’s scary enough, protective enough and Alpha enough to protect her without being psycho scary and actually scaring her.

When I bought this book, I couldn’t help but glance at some of the reviews that were posted on Amazon. I knew that this would have a massive cliffhanger and seeing some of the comments in reviews made me a little nervous. But I had faith in Sarah Brianne to weave an awesome story so I couldn’t wait to dive right in. It was actually torture to wait. I had to wait until I had a day off to start because I knew once I opened my kindle to Chloe, there was no putting it down. So, here’s the thing: I know people are upset that Chloe covers the same ground as Nero and Vincent. However, I absolutely loved it. Sarah Brian is a genius, and here's why... In order to fully understand Chloe and what happened to her, you have to backtrack and start from the beginning. And that is exactly what this book does. It gives you an insight to what she was like before she got the scars, before she was severely traumatized…and it shows you, from her perspective (and Amo’s) how she started to change after Nero, Vincent and Amo entered her life.

I seriously love Amo. My love of him nowhere near reaches my love for Nero, but there were many times that I wanted to reach through my Kindle and hug him for the way he treated Chloe.

One of the things I found most interesting, and that I missed in Nero’s book (mostly because I was so focused on Nero and my love of him and his book) was the scene in the club, when Elle and Chloe catch the guys with some girls and Chloe tells them off and tells Nero what he lost in Elle. The part I missed, and didn’t catch until it played out in Chloe’s POV here was where Chloe kicked Amo in the shin. It might not seem like much, but to me, it was huge. It showed that she had become comfortable enough with him to engage in that small amount of physical contact with him, even thought she was angry. She wasn’t too scared to show that anger and she didn’t hesitate to give him that kick. And I have to say, I loved how Amo responded to the chick hanging on him after Chloe delivered that kick…it was one of the times I wanted to pull and Elle and give him a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.

I’ve talked about Amo, and Chloe but I haven’t talked about Luca. I was a little surprised at how late into the book he showed up (not surprised in a bad way) but I will say that I was surprised by his level of psycho-ness…again, not in a bad way. Sarah Brianne was able to surprise me. There was more lurking under the surface to what we’ve previously seen. I always knew there would be, but even I wasn’t prepared for it! And it deeply intrigues me because I can’t wait to see more from him and how things will play out.

There is so much I want to talk about in regards to this book, but I refuse, absolutely refuse, to give spoilers for it. So you won’t get any here on the ending, but I have to say, I totally didn’t expect that ending. Yes, I knew there would be a cliffhanger…I was prepared. And honestly, I can’t think of any other author I would have willingly jumped off a cliff for….but when it comes to Sarah Brianne’s Made Men, I’ll take that jump every time. I was shocked at the ending and the possible implications that will arise from that and how things will play out. And it goes without saying that I’m going to die waiting for the conclusion to the story to find out what happens. I hope to god that Sarah Brianne has it almost done so it will be published sooner rather than later. 

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Hey! My name is Sarah Brianne and after living for twenty-two years the characters in my head told me enough was enough and I have finally put pen to paper (or is it finger to keyboard?) to tell their stories. Since I was a little girl I have watched every chick flick I could get my hands on, then when I became older I discovered a whole new world of romance novels. To me there is nothing better then a tale of true love and those are the stories that have inspired me to write. Like everything else in my life I have put my own spin on two lovers destined to be together.

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