Friday, July 1, 2016

CAE 2016!!!!! WITH GIVEAWAY!!!!

Another year, another book signing in Cleveland!!!! 

OMG. The day was AWESOME!!!!!!!!! 

Ok, it wasn't just the day, it was the whole weekend. It started the day before, when I checked into the hotel. This year, I was staying at the same hotel so I got to see a bunch of authors as they were checking in and going to dinner and just plain hanging out in the lobby. 

Now, if I were Nikki, I'd be telling you that I harassed stalked approached them to share how much I loved them while they were otherwise engaged with hotel/dinner matters...but I didn't. And yes, I got yelled at by the slave driver Nikki for not "stalking up to her standards" (yes, that's a direct quote). But I can't help it! It just didn't feel right to ambush authors when they were checking in! 

So, fast froward to the actual signing and IT WAS AMAZING!!!! I didn't know which way to go first! I wanted to see everything and talk to everyone! But, I had to be methodical. I had a list of people I wanted to see, a list of authors Nikki demanded I see and a list of people Jenn wanted me to see. So, I tried to work my way through it table by table.  

While I loved meeting all of the authors, there were a few that stood out among the rest... 

Harper Sloan
I finally got to meet Harper Sloan. Nikki and I have known her since our pre-blog/pre-author days back when all of us were just reviewing on Goodreads. She didn't remember me, but I didn't really expect her to since she's got like a billion fans and she's a mega-star now. 

Tessa Bailey
Tessa Bailey is always a fun author to chat with! Especially when Nikki makes reading Tessa's books difficult because she's claimed all the book boyfriends for herself. Where's the fun reading if you have no hope of collecting a book boyfriend or two? ;) 

BT Urruela
BT Urruela was definitely a must meet! We've followed his career as a model from the first time we saw a random pic on Facebook and the chance to meet him....awesome! He was super nice and I even got a pic with him! 

Aly Martinez
By far though, my favorite encounter was with the marvelous Aly Martinez! Nikki and I first "met" her when we read Stolen Course for the blog. It's an amazing book, and even though I've loved other stuff she's written, it's still my favorite. Unfortunately, I didn't get that signed this time, mostly because Nikki picked it up for me a few years back, but when I mentioned that to Aly, she knew exactly who I was! And that was exciting. With the number of fans she has, and corresponds with every day on social media, she knew ME. Or at least my name. And that was the sweetest thing ever! 

Dylan Horsch and Hilary Storm
While Aly was definitely my favorite new meet, the absolute best part of the day, the weekend even...was Dylan Horsch. He's a model, and was there with Hilary Storm (and is on a couple of couple of her book covers!!)...and he was the nicest guy, and he's not hard on the eyes either. ;) ;) ;) I'll admit, I was struck dumb by his handsomeness and totally blanked on getting a book signed at the signing by him and Hilary, and I deeply regret that. Nikki has already told me I'm fired. But...I DID get a picture with him, and that's the next best thing. 

I also met some awesome authors...including Andrea Smith and Katy Regnery! And both of them were kind enough to offer a few books (signed paperbacks!) for us to giveaway.

*Open to US Residents only* 

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