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REVIEW: Stepbrother Alpha's Baby Boxed Set by Lauren Landish

25923081Stepbrother Alpha's Baby Boxed Set by Lauren Landish
My rating: 2.5 of 5 stars

Book Description: 

The complete Stepbrother Alpha's Baby series! 

I’ve always had a crush on my ridiculously handsome stepbrother Stefan. For years, he’s always been there, at my side. We’ve played together, laughed together and even cried together. But then our relationship turned really weird. 


Anytime he was near, I found myself filled with sinful thoughts, and when he touched me, it felt like I would burst into flames. Soon, just being in his presence became too much to bear. I started avoiding him at all costs, and when I did encounter Stefan, I would act like a cold-hearted bitch to him so he would never suspect my true feelings. 


But sometimes, the things you hide have a way of coming to light...when you least expect them.


Stepbrother Alpha's Baby

Had good parts and some no so good parts for me. 

I was fine with the story until the flash back. I thought that came out of nowhere as far as their relationship went. 

I was also bugged by the way Stefan kept referring to himself as an alpha male. I wasn’t sure who he was trying to convince, me or himself. 

I also wished the betrayal of the sorority and frat had been shown. The story seemed to have jumped forward in time and stuff was missed.

Stepbrother Alpha's Baby 2

I hated how everyone immediately thought Stephan was awesome for sleeping with Bella but she was considered a slut. And don't even get me started on how Stephan immediately thought she had slept with someone else and that the baby belonged to another guy. It just ticked me off. Thank god he quickly came to his senses. And once the pregnancy was confirmed, Stephan did step up and become supportive. 

I hated how all the guys immediately thought that she should be willing to sleep with them after what happened between her and Stephan. And the girls were awful. They all deserved to be kicked out of school and get into legal trouble for what they did. 

After Bella's life on campus became one torturous day after another, she and Stephan decided to leave school andreturn home. 

Stepbrother Alpha's Baby 3

This is the longest installment of this series yet. Even though it was longer, I felt like not a whole lot happened. At the end of book 2, Stefan and Bella left school and went home. This book basically revolved around them trying to live "normal" lives at home while keeping their relationship a secret from their parents and laying low while being blackmailed. 

Even though the book was longer, I wish Bella and Stefan had spent more time together in this...whether it was talking or trying to figure out what to do next or something. I also could have done without the POVs of his dad and her mom. I just didn't care for either character and I really wasn't interested in his dad's online affair with some college co-ed (which I'm sure will have some ties into the threats and blackmail that Bella and Stefan are dealing with). 

There is a cliff (which I'm not a fan of because I'm extremely impatient and hate waiting for the next installment), and it was a biggie. I can't wait to find out what happens next. 

Stepbrother Alpha's Baby 4

Definitely an action packed installment to this series. 

The last one left off with a very public...reveal. I couldn't wait to see the fall out. 

I was both relieved and dismayed that they weren't found at at that point. But just because it didn't happen from the unintended viewing of a certain video, doesn't mean that they aren't found out. 

I can't say that the story line revolving around their parents really intrigues me. Honestly, I could do without it. Especially their POVs. But I also realize that the drama surrounding the parents has been driving certain events in Bella and Stefan's lives. 

I can't wait to see how the final edition plays out after the big reveal at the end of this one.

Stepbrother Alpha's Baby 5

I read books 1-4 when it was a serial but realized I never got the ending. So, KU to the rescue!

I'm glad I got to read the ending, but other than that, there's not much to say. Like with the 4th installment, this was over the top, unnecessary drama and it didn't do much for me. With every word, I came to hate their parents more and more, and I found Bella to be annoying on more than one occasion.

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