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REVIEW: Wrong by Stella Rhys

31690629Wrong by Stella Rhys
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Book Description: 

Rock-hard abs. Cocky smile. Sculpted hipbones that scream filthy sex. Liam Cage is walking torture for any girl in New York, but especially me. He’s my stepbrother and on top of that, I’m living under his roof. I’m following his rules. I’m nothing but his good little girl and so I can’t want him. I can’t tempt him.

I can’t bait him into touching my half-naked body while I lay "asleep" on his couch.

… About that.

It was every kind of wrong but I couldn’t help myself. I stripped down for my stepbrother. Tortured him. Forced him take out years of pent-up lust on my body in one sticky, sweaty shot. Long story short, I made the hottest mistake of my life, and I know there’ll be consequences, especially with a past like mine. But now that I’ve opened up Pandora’s box, there’s no going back. Basically, I’m screwed.

But when it’s with a man as painfully sexy as Liam, screwed has kind of never felt so good.

**Wrong is a raunchy, angsty standalone novel with a HEA.**

Oh boy. Just when I think I’m out, they pull me back in!!!!

Between going back to school this fall, work and the blog, I decided to cut back on the number of books I commit to. But then this gem came along. And it hit me right in my Achilles heel…Stepbrothers. What’s a girl supposed to do!? I HAD to read it!!!

And I’m definitely glad I did. I had the hardest time putting it down. It was a rollercoaster of twists and turns and OMG. THE CHEMISTRY!!!!

I have to say that even though the blurb is very honest and said “I can’t bait him into touching my half-naked body while I lay "asleep" on his couch. … About that.” And was labled as “raunchy”…I still wasn’t prepared to be hit with it on literally page 1. It’s not a bad thing, I was just surprised. (and not in a bad way)

Liam and Sasha definitely had chemistry…out of this world chemistry! I thought the author did a good job weaving the history Liam and Sasha had throughout the story. I never felt like they were just in it for the sex. And I have to say that it was refreshing that Liam didn’t want to hide. In a lot of stepbrother books, they’re always hiding their relationship, but Liam was ready to shout it from the rooftops. All his friends knew and he didn’t care who knew. I loved that.

I’ll admit, even though I loved this book, Sasha and I had some issues. I would kill for a guy like Liam. Or even Liam. So when she kept telling him they had to keep their relationship a secret, I wanted to shove her off a cliff. Liam loved her, and that’s all he wanted to do. He wanted to do the normal things couples did, go places together, be able to hold her hand and touch her, and instead, he had to watch as other guys hit on her and he couldn’t do or say anything about it. I just wanted to hug him.

This book was definitely filled with angst and drama. I knew that things would go wrong, especially with Sahsa’s sister. I saw that a mile away. I also saw the ex drama a mile away. I wish Liam hadn’t gotten in trouble the way he did, but he did the right thing, a) standing up for Sasha and b) taking responsibility for his actions.

There was one huge thing that bothered me…what happened to Daisy!?!?!??! I really wanted Sasha to end up with her at the end. I assume she stayed with Sasha’s ex, and that distresses me because with the way he treated Sasha, how was he going to treat that poor sweet innocent baby!? (Daisy was a puppy)

Overall, I would TOTALLY recommend this book! It was beyond awesome! I can’t wait to read more from the author :)

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