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Bed Buddies by Tara Brown

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

33636766Natalie Banks is exactly where she wants to be. 
She has a dream job in the city she loves. 
Her boyfriend is a sports god who worships the ground she walks on, and makes a mean plate of spaghetti. 
And her and her best friend have come up with something no one ever imagined they would. 
What more can a girl ask for? 

Sami Ford is living the dream. 
She’s satisfied her parents as far as school is concerned. 
She has reinvented herself from a spoiled princess to a successful saleswoman making her own money for the first time. 
And she has a thing with the hottest Ranger in New York. 
How much more does a girl need? 

But like they always say, when one aspect of your life is perfect, expect something else to fall apart. 
When death, a baby, and a proposal hit them all in the same week, fall apart becomes an understatement. 

These best friends find themselves leaning on each other more than they ever have. 

Bed Buddies! 

Ok. I have major mixed feelings on this book. First, I'd like to say that I read Roommates in 2015 and freaking LOVED it. I fell for Natalie and Brady so hard. ❤ them. I didn't even realize there were two more books to this series until late at night while scrolling on amazon.

Here's the thing. I didn't really remember Sami and Matt too much from Roommates, so when I saw that the next book out, which is now the "first" book in the series is for them. I was confused but interested. Until I stumbled upon a slight SPOILER which happens to be a big trigger, no-go for me. Cheating. **Matt gets a bj from a puck bunny while he and Sami are together, but not together. There's some major grey area going on but I still didn't like it.**  So here's where I gotta be honest, I skimmed Puck Buddies. I needed to see for myself but I also wasn't fully committed. Because of this, I won't be rating or reviewing that book as I don't think it would be fair of me since I didn't actually read the whole thing. I will say that what I did get from it was a better understanding of the dynamic between Sami and Matt and, for now, it was enough for me. I will most likely go back and reread all three books in their 'new' order at a later date though.

Ok, back to Bed Buddies. This book is told from Nat's and Sami's pov's in alternating chapters until the very end, where we get two amazing epilogues from Matt and Brady's pov. ❤

I still freaking LOVE Brady and Natalie. Every chapter from Nat's pov was my absolute favorite! I loved seeing how they were doing a while after the ending from their book. It was awesome, even though the drama that was going on in this book was serious stuff. It was nice to see a couple dealing with issues that are real life and realistic and still come out on top in the end. It made their hea that much sweeter. Plus the steamy scenes were on point ;)

For Sami's pov, I had mixed feelings. Her's starts out a year in the past and each chapter works its way to the present, while Natalie's is constant present. It got a little confusing at times, but not too bad. I have to say that while I felt for Sami and the things her and Matt went through, I wasn't as big a fan of their part of the story. Sami was definitely a snob, but in the nicest way. I wasn't sure how to really feel about her. Matt was a big jerk for a lot of the book and it was hard to see him as redeemable. They seriously lacked communication in a bad way, and a lot of their problems could have been worked out sooner, or even avoided altogether, had they talked to each other, and let the other in. I know they were both scarred inside and had trouble lowering their walls, but at some point you have to either give in or walk away. I was very pleased by the end though with how things were mended and concluded.

There were a lot of funny parts in this book, as well as heartwrenching moments and times I was pissed at one or more of the characters. There were steamy parts and swoony parts. I have to admit I swooned most with Brady, but I might be biased since I ❤ him ;) Overall, I think this was like the best extended epilogue ever lol. I liked seeing where they all were in the present and the best part by far were the two epilogues in the guys pov's. Those just made the whole book for me. And if I hadn't already come around to liking Matt, his pov would have sealed the deal. As for Brady's... ❤❤❤❤❤

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