Thursday, August 10, 2017

REVIEW: Always Delightful by Shayne McClendon

34854754Always Delightful: A Romantic Comedy by Shayne McClendon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Book Description: 

Petra works too hard and curses too much. According to her family, she needs to lose some weight and find a good husband before she “gets too old.” 

Forced into being the maid of honor at her obnoxious sister’s wedding, she’s certain the only thing that will save the day is alcohol. Lots and lots of alcohol. 

Until she meets the best man. 

Jack is on her level in every way and they agree that the only way to survive the shit show of an event is to drink, torture the newlyweds, and dance. He’s good-looking, charming, hilarious, and into her in a way that’s definitely different. 

Petra’s snark doubles you over in laughter and her vulnerability is a true compliment to her delightfully bitchy attitude. Fortunately, Jack is capable of keeping up. 

This author can do it all. This is only my second book by Shayne McClendon, and it’s extremely different than the previous book (in a good way). The first book I read was serious with darker tones and it ripped my heart out and made me cry. This book, it made me laugh and it was relatable.

I loved Petra. She’s what I aspire to be. She was a take to crap sort of woman. She gave as good as she got. I loved her. And don’t get me started on Jack. He was hot and so into Petra that my kindle practically melted.

I actually loved how much…uh…research ;) both Petra and Jack did into the other person prior to them officially meeting for the first time. And the extent of Jack’s “research” had me cracking up.

This book is one you can’t miss.

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