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Kiss This by Hadley Quinn

Book Description:

(This book includes mature content, including sex and language)

22-year-old Camryn Jacobs lost the love of her life once and vows to never kiss another guy unless she's in love with him. When she meets Teague, their attraction to one another is off the charts, and for the first time in two years, she wants to disregard her rule.

But Camryn makes a bet that he can't go just one week without kissing her. She's protecting her own fragile heart, but her wit and smart mouth end up driving Teague crazy.

When Teague is equally skilled at her challenge, their friendship turns complicated. He's not at all what she assumed, and he makes her feel things she never expected to feel. But sharing her true reasons for the no-kiss bet hurts too much and she keeps him in the dark.

Teague has his own secrets to hide, starting with his last name. It's the reason he left town--to lick his wounds until he can piece his life back together. His time with Camryn proves that it might actually be possible, but with the threat of his family and his past ruining all that he's finally gained, can he really take that risk again?

Loving might be easy; learning to trust again could be too difficult to achieve...

Freaking Loved it!!

A sweet love story between two people who have heartaches and deceit to overcome. I absofreakinglutely loved this book. Sweet, funny, witty banter, lots of laugh out loud moments, family drama, secrets, overcoming old heartaches, sweet and sexy bedroom scenes, great supporting characters, awesome writing, awesome editing, a great ending that didn't leave me hanging! Camryn was an awesome leading lady who didn't take crap from anyone (this shows since she got at least two punches in, one in the beginning to a douche bag and one at the end to a biotch!) I loved that she wasn't afraid to speak her mind and when things got rough she didn't run away, she confronted Teague and they talked about it. The one and only time she did need space, it was for one night and she admitted she should have stayed to talk. It was nice to see this couple work together to make things work and the drama in this book didn't come from them but rather surrounded them from family and other people and certain situations. Teague was a sweet guy with just the right touch of bad boy. He had a hard time trusting people after some of those dramatic people / situations (previously mentioned) but when he met Camryn he saw something in her that made him feel like he could start to learn to trust again. I liked that their romance wasn't one of insta love and it took time and they built on it. Yes, it was a shorter courtship but the way the author wrote it, the pace was very nicely done! I'll admit I was a little weary of the length and how the story would go being so long, but it totally worked. I seriously couldn't put it down. The funny thing was, I didn't want to read this at first. I only picked it up to buddy read with a friend for moral support. I ended up finishing it in two days and I'm pretty sure she decided to wait on it! LOL (Oh well, her loss ;)) This one is for sure going on my favorites shelf and I can't wait to see what else this author has in store!

Teague took the stick from her hand and drew a heart around their names. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and took a picture of it. "You tell anyone I did something that sappy, I'll throw you in the ocean to never be found."

Camryn "Kiss This" Jacobs & Teague Chandler McCallan

A few casting pics :

Camryn and Teague kissing in the rain

Teague teaching Camryn how to surf.

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