Friday, October 18, 2013

All Hallows Eve with Jessie Lane!

Welcome to the All Hallows Eve Blog Tour! 

We are participating in two stops on this tour. Today, on our first stop, we're honored to be the pimp masters for author Jessie Lane!

If you've read this blog before, both of us have read Jessie Lane's work in the past, and we're huge fans! 

Jessie Lane is an incredibly talented author that is directly responsible for Lindsay adding the Dexter level to her Levels of Irritation. 

But to be fair, it wasn't named until much later. She left me completely stupefied! I didn't know what to call it.

Jessie Lane's work is also the the book that inspired Nikki to include a just say HOT gif. 

LOL. What can I say, I'm a perv. 

LOL. You're also a stalker. How many author stalker membership cards to you have now?

I don't many did you make? raised eyebrows 

LOL. Was that you're not so subtle way of asking if you have a membership card to the Jessie Lane chapter of the Author Stalker Club?  raised eyebrows  

Yay!!!! party 

So, today, we have some great stuff about Jessie Lane's upcoming book Walk on the Striped Side! You have to check out the cover! It's awesome!


Does he have his claws in her for good? Or is she just yanking his tail?

Elena Demos’ life has been turned upside down. Her mother passed away, leaving Elena and her two half-sisters to deal with their mother’s will and the crazy stipulations in it. For the three sisters to inherit the substantial amount of money left behind they have to go work with two Aunts they’ve never met, in the family business they knew nothing about. Amazons Inc.. If that wasn’t bad enough, she runs into the man who broke her heart their first day on the job.
Gage Ivanov is a stupid beast. He let the woman who should be his mate go because she couldn't be told of his Other identity. Now Elena’s back, but she refuses to give into his demands for her to be his mate. The timing for all of this couldn’t be worse. Gage and his circle of friends are trying to subdue a rogue pack of wolf shifters in Germany who threaten to out the Others to the world of humans. Will he be able to juggle the oncoming conflict and win back his mate?

Claws have never been this sexy.


OMG! I NEED this book!!!! 

It does sound really good. *note to Big Bad Bite asap!*

surprise You still haven't read Big Bad Bite!? 

blushing I don't want to see No. I have it, and I want to read it...but I haven't gotten around to it yet.  

As if that synopsis wasn't enough to wet your appetite, check out the dream cast pictures we have!  

Nikki, I'm telling you right now that I'm claiming Gage! And I'm NOT sharing!tongue

surprise  That's not fair! The book isn't out and you haven't read the first one yet! You can't claim him! 

 LOL. Doesn't matter! I'm calling him! 

shame on you I still say it's not fair. But fine. And just an FYI...I'm claiming Adam from Big Bad Bite! tongue

We also have a couple of excerpts from Walk on the Striped Side. We talked about it and decided to torture you a little...we'll post a few but save some as bonus excerpts and post them throughout the day. (to quote Lindsay)
Let's check out our first excerpt...

Wow. The wait for this book is going to be suck!

Want WANT WANT!!!!

Next up is the play list...straight from the desk of Jessie Lane! And the cool thing about this play list is she has little tidbits and descriptions! 

 The playlist for Walk On The Striped Side isn’t filled with sappy love songs right now. Gage and Elena aren’t sappy love song kind of people. In fact, the first couple of songs on the playlist really showcase the pain Elena is feeling after Gage breaks her heart at the beginning of the story. <- And that spoiler right there… that’s all you’re getting from me peeps.
- Jessie Lane

Apocalyptica – End Of Me ft. Gavin Rossdale

I can’t even begin to express how AMAZING this song is. First of all, how many bitchin’ rock songs are out there that feature classically trained cellists? Add in the front man for the band BUSH and this song will more than likely be playing in my house until the end of time. It really hit home for me though for Elena. I’m not dropping spoilers for the book here, but let’s just say that the moment Gage breaks Elena’s heart, this is the song I here for her.

Papa Roach - I Almost Told You That I Loved You

One of my favorite songs of all time. Period. The End. ALL THERE IS TO IT. It’s explicit. It’s raw. It’s total kick ass. It’s ROCK N’ ROLL. For those of us who have loved and been burned, but still feel that lustful drive to be with that person who’s burned us… this song is for you. You can say this is on repeat on Elena’s soundtrack for a while after she meets up with Gage again after her heartbreak.

Save Me by Hinder

I think we’ve all either been the person, or known the person this song applies to. The person who’s on that path, bound and determined to do whatever it is they want to do, regardless if it’s good for them or not. Let’s just say that this song applies to both Elena and Gage at times in their story. Gage is bound and determined to get his mate back, and Elena wants nothing more than to hurt him in a way he’ll never forget. She’s all about the revenge.

Say You’ll Haunt Me by Stone Sour

This is Gage’s song. And I effin’ love this song to such a ridiculous degree that it can’t be measured. Gage’s varying emotions of loving Elena, but fearing here mortality. The intensity of belonging to someone heart and soul. That’s this song. Nuff said.

Papa Roach – Forever

Not everything about this song applies to Gage and Elena’s song. The reason I put this song on Walk On The Striped Side’s playlist is because for me, this is what was going through Gage’s head as he did what he did to break Elena’s heart at the beginning of the book. It also speaks to the fact that HE KNOWS he’s about to ruin the woman meant for him. He knows he’s going to shatter this beautiful thing between them, and yet he has to do it anyways. And walking away from it, he knows that he’ll still love Elena forever.

In The End by Black Veil Brides

My beloved other writing half, Melissa (otherwise known as Mel) loves Black Veil Brides. This song grew on me and then I realized this was perfect for a scene that’s towards the end of the book. I won’t tell you the scene – YES, I KNOW, I’M HORRIBLY MEAN – but what I will do is give you the WHY. This song is the representation of going into conflict with the knowledge that you might not make it out alive and being okay with that. If you were faced with the possibility of death, what would people remember about you? What kind of story would your life tell? *wiggles eyebrows* Bet you want to know what scene this song is for now.

Ed Sheeran – Give Me Love

Okay, so I fibbed. There’s ONE sappy love song on my list. But it’s also a song about a man being for his love. About a man who’s desperate for his love. Even through his gruff, growly persona, Gage is desperate for his love Elena.

I’m still working on Walk On The Striped Side. It should release after the beginning of 2014 in the late winter months of January or February. So there’s a good chance more songs will be added to the playlist between now and then. You can keep up with what I’m listening to for Gage and Elena’s story at:


Suck isn't the right word! The wait is going to be horrible! 

Want WANT WANT!!!! Do you hear me Jessie Lane!? I WANT THIS BOOK!

LOL. Somehow, I don't think that's going to make the book come out sooner. 

I don't care! I just want that book!

Well, that about wraps it up. But...we still have a couple of excerpts. What do you think Nikki...should we do one more? 

thinking Yeah, one more for the road! We'll save the last one to torture our readers with.... devil 

Well, you heard the woman! One more excerpt before we publish! 

Ok, now I agree with Nikki. The wait is going to kill me! I WANT THE BOOK NOW!!!!!  

smug  You should always agree with me! I am the VIP Author Stalker...I know where to find the stuff worth obsessing about! 

And there you have it! Three excerpts, some hot hero claiming by Lindsay, stalking by Nikki and torture from our Book Lovers! 

Pay attention to our Facebook page today and we'll post the final excerpt sometime later today! 

We want to thank Jessie Lane for providing us with all this awesome material for our post. She is the best! 



  1. Love it! You guys totally made me want to pick up a Jessie Lane book. The author duo was already on my TBR list, but you definitely made me want to push them up a notch (or more) Great post ;)

    1. Thanks so much. :)

      Secret Maneuvers was a great book...even if it did make me want to smack the hero a bunch of time! :)

      You won't be sorry you read it.

      - Lindsay

  2. I m definitely going to have a look at the Jessie Lane books too.
    Great post guys! ;)

    1. Thanks Louise. :)

      Jessie Lane is an amazing talent.

      - Lindsay