Monday, October 21, 2013

Let Me In by Michelle Lynn releases today!!!!

We want to wish a Happy Release day to Michell Lynn! Today is the release of her highly anticipated new book Let Me In

Grant is damaged, selfish, and undeserving of love…or so he thinks.
Jessa is happy, in love, and has overcome her past…or so she thinks.
Grant and Jessa can’t stop thinking about one another since being introduced at a party a month ago. And despite their differences, they can’t seem to stay away from each other either. However, both are hiding secrets of less-than-perfect pasts, fearing what will happen when those mistakes come to light. As they grow closer, they each battle their own insecurities, and neither believes that they are worthy of the kind of love that they both still want. So if it’s true that opposites attract, what happens when the similarities begin to surface?


Um...Please excuse me while I mop up the drool...

OMG! He's gorgeous! 
I think we need an excerpt...

Uh. Yuh! 

Ok. I seriously hate Rob...and I haven't even properly met him yet! 

No kidding! I want to go all Bartok on him already! 

Is there any chance that we have another excerpt so we can rinse Rob out of our minds?  praying  

Yup! How about one from Grant's POV? 

Awesome! Bring it on!!!

Awe! I think I love Grant! 

Me too! I think we're going to end up fighting over who gets to claim him...

Nope. There will be no fight. Cause I'm claiming him right now!

rolling eyes Of course you are. What about me?! When do I get a hottie hero? puppy dog eyes  

I'm actually surprised you didn't see that coming! And I'll give you the guy from the first book by Michelle Lynn! big grin

I'm taking him! And don't try to claim him after you read the first book and decide you want him! 

I won't. He's yours. big grin

Well. We have time for one more excerpt...what say we stop Lindsay & Nikki's fighting over Michelle Lynn's heroes and post that instead? 

And there you have it! That will do it for today's Book Blitz! Be sure to check back with us because we're taking part in the Blog Tour for Let Me In by Michelle Lynn on November 6th! 

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