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ARC Review for A Flair Of Heat by Nicola Claire!

For those of you who know me, (Nikki) you know one of my favorite authors to stalk err... follow is Nicola Claire. I absofreakinglutely love her Sweet Seduction series, and now I have a new series to go all cray cray (yes I said that) over! Ms. Claire's new H.E.A.T. series is a little different in that it's a new Contemporary Romantic Suspense Series with a strong leaning towards Crime-Thriller. Right up my alley! So, she asked if I'd like to read an arc of the debut book and you know I jumped at it! Here is my review and there will also be pre-order links so check it out! :)

A Flare Of Heat (H.E.A.T. #1)
A Flare Of Heat by Nicola Claire
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

There are times when I truly believe humanity will not survive.

Some of the last words spoken to Detective Lara Keen by her Criminal Investigations Bureau partner Carl Forrester before he died. They have haunted her ever since.

With a spate of murders to solve, a tip off about suspicious activities in a popular sex club, and the return into her life of the one man she never wanted to trust again, Lara's world becomes darker and much more sinister indeed. Having to rely on HEAT, Hauraki Emergency Assistance Team, Chief Investigator Damon Michaels in order to discover the reason behind a grisly body in a car boot fire just proves how disturbing Lara's life has become... on so many levels.

But with Carl's wise words in her head and a gut instinct many detectives would long to have, Lara is determined to join the dots before the killer strikes again. And if she has to get up close and personal with her new hot HEAT partner to achieve that? Well, that's just what good detectives do.

A sexy, sizzling crime-thriller sure to add a flare of heat to your night.

I had planned on waiting to write a review so I could mull things over in my head for a bit... But I feel the need to express my immediate emotions before I forget. First, Nicola Claire is one of my favorite authors. Her Sweet Seduction series is the best and I can't recommend it enough! So when she asked if I'd be interested in an arc of her newest, somewhat darker crime drama series, I jumped at the chance! I knew right away I'd love it. (I'm psychic like that ;) ) So I read it and yes I loved it! The story was gripping and I was constantly engaged. I was irritated with my work schedule for interfering with my new love interest / book boyfriend favorite book. :D The characters were intriguing and I could read about them again and again. And apparently I will. ;) The only thing I didn't like was the fact that I got to the last page and it was... well, the last page. I wanted more immediately! Lara and Damon were awesomesauce! Damon was hot and such a great guy. He knew Lara so well and knew when to give her her space and back off, and he knew when to push her. He also knew how to give her the business! ;) *dreamy sigh* Lara was a kickass detective who could hold her own. She had her faults and her weaknesses, but she was the only female in her division and she stood her ground. I love a strong female lead and Ms. Claire did a great job with Lara. The story line itself had me guessing over and over. I even told a friend my theories as they progressed just so I could have it in writing when I was correct! (This only happened once, so far :| I have high hopes for the next book though!) Lol. I was literally on the edge of my seat gripping my kindle and blocking out the real world as I delved deeper and deeper into the drama unfolding before me. I needed to know what was gonna happen next. And it was so good! I will warn that there is a slightish abrupt ending that the author kinda foreshadows in her description of the series "Each couple will have three books of their own, making up a trilogy of trilogies." Which I neglected to see until after I finished the book. I was dumbfounded and kept trying to see where the rest of the story was. Alas, it was just an excerpt from her first Sweet Seduction book. (Also a great read btw!) So now it seems I have to wait until September when book 2 in her new awesome H.E.A.T. series will come out. I hate waiting, but I have a feeling this is gonna be worth it!

A big thanks to Nicola Claire for offering an arc of A Flare Of Heat for my honest review!

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Nicola Claire lives in beautiful Taupo, New Zealand with her husband and two young boys.

She's tried her hand at being a paramedic, bank teller and medical sales representative, (not all necessarily in that order), but her love of writing keeps calling her back.

She has a passion for all things supernatural, spiced up with a good dollop of romance - as long as they include strong characters, alpha males and capable females, and worlds which although make-believe are really quite believable in the end.

There's nothing better than getting caught up in a compelling, intriguing and romantic book.

When she's not writing or reading, she's out on her family boat at Lake Taupo, teaching her young boys to fish, showing them the beauty that surrounds them in nature and catching some delicious trout for dinner.

Kindred has been a joy to write, creating a rich world with dynamic characters and paranormal twists that shock and awe has been pure bliss for this author. And just as well, because there's a lot more story yet to tell...

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I would just like to say again, a huge thanks to Ms. Claire for the chance to read her new awesomesauce book! :) I highly recommend it! 

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