Monday, March 17, 2014

Who wants to STRIP(ping) HER DEFENSES for a cover reveal!? 

Nikki! Do you know what we get to do today!?  

I know it has to do with one of our most favorite authors EVER! big grin *bouncing in excitement*

Today we are revealing the cover for Jessie Lane's upcoming romantic suspense, STRIPPING HER DEFENSES

YAY! We loved book one and this has been a highly anticipated follow up! And that cover... hot

BTW, I've read the blurb, and I'm claiming Riley! ♥

Um.. No. no talking

Um... Yes! big grin

sigh Why are we always fight over the heroes? Especially when you know I just keep them to myself when you log off! winking

rolling on the floor What you fail to realize is that you log off before me so I'M the one that keeps them when you log off! And we're constantly fighting over heroes because we both have great taste in guys! 

 high five We do both have great taste in guys! I'll give you that. But that's all I'm giving you! tongue I'll make you a deal. You can have Riley, but I get the cover guy! big grin

NO! I'm already in love with him! He's got a tattoo on his chest that says Navy!!!! I want him! praying You can have Bobby from the first book!

Um... No. You can't have it both ways. shame on you

What both ways!? I want the guy on the cover, which IS Riley.

No, that's a representation of Riley. Once you read him you will picture him differently in your head. The cover guy doesn't even have a face. You have to choose: Riley or Cover Guy!

Both! He's Navy...NAVY! Bobby wasn't Navy. You can have him. And I don't know what you're talking about. I see his face perfectly. 

Lindsay, you can't have every guy! It's just not fair! crying

surprise  I don't take every guy! I'm just trying to make up for the fact that you hoard KA heroes! So I'm taking this guy! Fine. How about this. I get this guy AND Bobby and you can have Gage and Adam from the Big Bad Bite series. 

How is that an issue when you HATE KA heroes!!!!!
Ok, maybe not hate, but they definitely bug you A LOT!

Lindsay says:

Ok, we've gotten way off topic here! We'll have to stay at an impasse for now. Let's get back to the reason for today's post shall we?! big grin

Wait, you mean fighting over Riley isn't our reason for this post? I mean, it's what we books, fight over the guys, Lindsay wins because you get tired of fighting and try to change the subject...  winking

rolling on the floor  No, smarty pants, we're here to reveal the COVER for Riley! We will continue the fighting at a later time when I'm not getting ready to log off the computer. tongue

*pouting* Well you're no fun! tongue

Fine. Ok, Welcome to the cover reveal for Riley, the hot hero from Jessie Lane's upcoming book Stripping Her Defenses! And without further ado, the cover! 

Nikki, we really need to pay for uniforms that are in our blog colors. 

Yeah we do! Lol *drum roll please* 

Title: Stripping Her Defenses 
Series: Ex Ops #2
Author: Jessie Lane 
Expected Publication: April 2014
Genre: Romantic Suspense

Riley Sullivan and the Ex Ops Team are headed to Miami undercover… as bikers. Following up a lead from a longtime friend of Commander Wall’s, the men will perform their investigation acting as nomad members of the Regulators Motorcycle Club with the club’s permission. Surrounded by hardcore bikers and investigating missing strippers, Riley finds the last person he ever expected to see again—his ex-wife.
Kara Sullivan left the man she loved after a tragic accident cost them their unborn son. After years of therapy, she’s come to grips with the loss and has re-emerged from the pain a brand new person. That doesn’t mean she’s ready to face the man who inadvertently broke her heart, and who she’s hurt in return.
Riley has never stopped loving her and he never will. He’s ready to fix their marriage and move on with their lives, however Kara’s reluctance to renew their relationship isn’t their only problem. Danger lurks just around the corner… and there’s a chance she could disappear permanently.

Crystal and Melissa often live half their lives with their heads in the clouds dreaming of alpha military hunks, werewolves and kick ass heroines crazy enough to chase after creatures that they unquestionably should know better than to chase.

Their first YA novel, The Burning Star, was released in May 2012. Big Bad Bite is their second novel, but their first adult paranormal romance. They are now working on their next two novels, Walk On The Striped Side and Secret Maneuvers. With these projects underway, they are looking forward to showing the rest of the world their crazy stories, heroes and heroines that often plague their minds until written, and hope you will join them on their journey!


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