Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Hey Nikki! 

Hey Lindsay!

Do you know what today is!? 

I do! hee hee

It's our birthday!!!!!! partypartypartyparty  

Yay! We're the big 1 now! big grin

LOL. I feel so young! You'd never know that I was in my....20s. 

20s... Riiight winking  

Hey! I'm still in my 20s! 

Lol yeah but not too much longer  winking

LOL. Look who's talking! tongue  

Yeah yeah, I know! tongue

It's hard to believe that we've been blogging for a year already. We started out as two friends that met on Goodreads and loved to fight over our favorite heroes. In the past year, we've grown to include our friends Rach and Alyssa. Both have been great about reviewing for us. They bring some great personality and angst to our blog. 

In honor of our birthday, we've decided to have a giveaway. We have some great prizes from some really generous authors. 

Hey Nikki, what do you think about the giveaway...should we tell them what they could win? 

Oooo! Yes!!! big grin  I love this part!

LOL. What part? raised eyebrows   

The giveaway! Duh! It's the best part!  big grin we go!

We really do have some great prizes for you to win. We'll draw multiple winners, so you have a chance at any of the prizes. 

To start off, we have some signed bookmarks from author Nikki Goodwin!

Next up is a signed paperback copy of Axel and some swag from Harper Sloan! 

And author Clarissa Wild is being really generous and willing to give one lucky winner a copy of her books Fierce AND Fury! 

And three lucky winners will each get one kindle book of their choice, up to $0.99 in value. 

And as the grand finale to our birthday, we're giving away a $50 Amazon Gift card! 

See, I told you the giveaway was the best part! big grin

LOL. So you did.


So, that wraps up our birthday post. We thank you for hanging out with us for the past year and we hope you'll come back for more reviews, cover reveals, blog tours and fights/debates between Nikki and Lindsay in their never-ending quests for book boyfriends. winking 

Yes, Thank you so much! This has been the best experience for us and we love sharing it with our followers! And we know we can be entertaining too! winking

I couldn't have said it better myself. We're looking forward to all the great books and debates the next year will bring. happy   

Btw, before we go, I have to say I'm surprised Nikki didn't comment on my usage of a New Kids song!