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Six hundred minutes. That’s all it took ex-SEAL Kade Kingston to find trouble his first day home. He’d managed to survive covert operations in the hostile mountains of Afghanistan, only to be brought down by a baseball bat. If he had the first five hundred minutes back, he would have only had one drink before insisting his old friend tell him what the hell was going on. As it stood now, he and Sutton were both dead in the water—literally and figuratively. Six hundred minutes. That’s all it took for Kade Kingston to walk back into hell in his own backyard, losing everything in the process . . . including his freedom.

Inmate dog trainer, Harley Dash, knew Kade briefly as a teenager and was convinced of his innocence. Wanting to help the brooding ex-SEAL, she took it upon herself to force Kade into the Inmate Dog Training Program while she looked for a killer. With Kade confined, Harley and her father, along with two sexy SEALs, looked for evidence that would set Kade free.

Unfortunately, for Kade, Sutton's murder was just the tip of the iceberg in a case of corruption and murder, one that will send Kade and Harley into the Florida Everglades with a killer.

Will they survive the alligators of the Florida Everglades, or will the Dread Pirate Roberts exact his revenge?

Wow. C.P. Smith just keeps getting better and better. This is by far my favorite book.

I haven’t been quite sure what I was in the mood to read but this was everything I was looking for. It was romantic suspense, hot and steamy, great chemistry and a great story.

I loved every moment between Harley and Kade. I loved how they met in high school and never forgot each other. I loved every moment they had while he was in prison and they were training dogs together. I loved how protective he was of her, both while he was in prison and after he was released.

My heart broke for Kade. He had nothing except his brother, his grandfather Pop and his career as a Navy SEAL. He willingly gave up his career to help his brother take care of Pop after he got sick but before that could happen, he lost everything after he was accused and found guilty of murder. After the guilty verdict, Kade was sent to the same prison that Harley volunteered at, training dogs with inmates. I loved this part of the story, and how Kade bonded with his dog.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a romantic suspense without some kind of  mystery to solve and that comes in Harley, her dad and a couple of Kade’s SEAL friends trying to prove he’s innocent. This was definitely a rollercoaster that kept me glued to my kindle. And I have to say, that I definitely fell in love with Prez and Mickey D (The other SEALs) and I hope both of them get stories! Actually, I wouldn’t mind a SEAL series from C.P. Smith. I think she’d rock that!

I also loved Harley’s dad. They had a great relationship and he was funny!

My one issue, and it wasn’t big, was Harley’s name. It kept throwing me off and for some reason my brain kept changing it to Haley instead. I had to keep reminding myself her name was Harley.

Other than that, this book was pure genius from the author. I can’t wait for her next one! 



What makes you so sure his team will come? 
Leave no man behind, baby girl...”

So, I literally just finished my ARC of FRAMED. I'd been putting it off because I just knew once I read it, I'd (A) not want to put it down, so I needed a block of uninterrupted time to read without any distractions. And (B) once it was finished, I'd be so sad and want to restart it immediately. C.P. Smith hit my radar when A Reason to Breathe came out. It was love at first book for me and I knew she would become one of my top favorite go-to authors. And she has. I have loved every book of hers that I have read, and I knew with the blurb for FRAMED, I would love it as well. And I do. It was a fast paced, heart stoppingly wonderful ride. I was hooked from page one. And I mean that very literally. My kindle was glued to my hands all day!

Kade Kingston is my latest book boyfriend crush. He was perfect! ❤ Wrongfully accused of murder his first night home from mission as a Navy SEAL, he spends two years locked away. Losing hope that his brethren would show up to help prove his innocence. He's starting to give in to that hate when in walks Harley Dash, the dog trainer who is part of an awesome program that helps inmates retrain wounded dogs. (I really hope that program is real too) She blows his world apart with one look into her eyes.

Harley is quite possibly one of THE best heroines I have ever read! Stubborn, independent, headstrong and absolutely head over heals in love with Kade. She wasn't a pushover and wanted to be in the thick of things to help clear his name. She also knew when she needed to bite her tongue and 'do as she was told' even if she didn't like it. She and Kade met years before in high school and again a few years later, so there was a history there we got to see in flashbacks. Unfortunately, the stars hadn't aligned for them and their timing was never just right. Until now.

This book had it all! Mystery, action, hilarity, a sweet romance of two people who are soul mates and meant to be together finally finding one another. And some steamy scenes to keep it interesting ;) Oh, and did I mention the supporting cast?! Harley's dad was awesome and I loved him. Kade's SEAL buddies were a freaking riot and I really hope Ms. Smith intends to write books for them too!

Whoa, you are The Brute Squad... but with brains.”
“ No darlin'... We're Navy SEALs.”

I seriously do not have one negative thing to say about this book. I loved every single aspect. The romance was perfect. The chemistry between Harley and Kade was off the charts hot! Even though they hadn't seen each other in years, they never forgot about each other. And when they locked eyes, sparks flew! No. They sizzled! The action had me on the edge of my seat. The hilarious antics had me laughing out loud so often I'm sure my neighbors heard me. The steamy scenes were yum. And the bad guy definitely got what he deserved! And the epilogue! Omg it was the perfect ending! ❤

So all in all, I'd say C.P. Smith hit it out of the park again with another fabulous book. I am seriously thinking of rereading it all over again, I can see a major book hangover in my future....

You know what I wish for now?” Tell me, I asked breathlessly. Reaching up to cup my face, he replied hoarsely, “Just you.”

P.S. please please please turn this into a series and write a few more books for D, Prez and Bette! :) (or if you wanna have some extra fun, just one book with all three! ;) )

Oh, and I seriously had to watch The Princess Bride after reading this book since it had been mentioned so often and its been years since I've seen that movie!

 "As You Wish"

C.P. takes us on a journey of crime, suspense, second chances and love. Framed is about two people, who met one night on the football field back in high school, and have never forgotten each other through-out the years. Through their own doing, or certain circumstances, these two have been kept apart for long enough. No more. It's time to take risks to see what the future could possibly hold. Are they willing to go the distance and take chances? The future is looking bleak and definitely uncertain, depending on how things go down, and it won't be easy as it's a dangerous path full of thorns. If they can make it through, mostly unscathed, they just might be able to reach the promise of each other at the end, providing they can keep safe, keep the faith, and just hold on for whatever comes their way.

 Do you love the movie, The Princess Bride? Then you'll appreciate all of the references through-out the book that are related to this movie. The Brute Squad, whom I've fallen in love with, had me cracking up and rooting them on. I loved Kade's friends, Prez and Mickey D. They truly added to the story and made for some good humor, but they also were awesome with Harley and Kade. Their role as secondary characters definitely proved how deep their love, support, and loyalty runs. 

This book is full of Alpha males, humor, The Princess Bride references, good guys, bad guys, crime, multiple points of views and steamy moments. It also has a few moments where I wish I had bleach to wash my eyes and brain out, as I didn't appreciate one particular scene or the references to it thereafter. I get that the scene was there for a certain purpose - however, I could still have done without reading it. Maybe it's just me, who knows- but moving on.

I LOVED the epilogue. It was cute. It had some humor. It was sweet in parts and it gave us a peek into their future and good closure.

What I liked about this book:

1. Humor
2. The Princess Bride references
3. The Brute Squad
4. The scenes where Harley and Kade reconnected while he was in prison
5. The epigloue
6. Some of Kade's dreams he had with Harley- it reminded me of Layne's Dream Rocky from Golden Trail by Kristen Ashley
7. Harley was no push over with a lack of a spine. She was a spitfire and could hold her own. She knew when to let things be and when to push. I felt she had the perfect balance. 
8. Kade- for the most part I liked him, but he could be too overbearing, and why couldn't he be gentle just once in the bedroom?  Okay, I get why, but still, he could have taken a time or two for my viewing eyes to slow his roll. In the end, I did appreciate his sweet side and the fact that he could apologize when he needed to. He could be funny and he was a good protective man of his family.


C.P. Smith is a stay-at-home mom with a keyboard. She's never serious and lives inside her head.

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