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REVIEW: Cockpit: A Second Chance Romance by Joanna Blake

31282058Cockpit: A Second Chance Romance by Joanna Blake
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Book Description: 

She's the one who got away. But I live for the chase… 

I'm a thrill seeker. I fly the fastest jets in the world, and ride my motorcycle when I'm on the ground. The only thing that matters to me is speed. Why would I ever think about settling down? 

Jenny Reeds, that's why. One look in those hazel eyes and I found a thrill no dogfight could match. For one wild, unforgettable night, she was mine. I wanted to keep her close but she disappeared without even telling me her last name. 

I did my tour and flew combat missions in desert skies. But I never forgot her. 

Now they have me pushing papers and training new pilots. I thought I'd be bored to tears. Guess who I run into my first night back? 

It's her, my wild-eyed, fiery-haired beauty. Turns out she's the General's daughter. But that won't stop me. I'm persistent and it doesn't take too long before she's back in my arms. 

Only one problem. She's kept one hell of a secret from me. She had a baby while I was overseas. My baby. 

Now I want them both under my roof. Permanently. I've never failed a mission yet and I don't intend to start now. 

Cockpit is a standalone novel with a guaranteed HEA and no cheating. This edition includes bonus materials and will end before 100%!

This book just worked for me. Yes, it’s a one night stand and not a relationship, but in all fairness, Jenny walked out on him before he could make his intentions of a relationship known.

I’ll admit, I’m a sucker for stories where the characters are separated after only being together for a very short time, and the whole time they’re apart, they can’t forget about the one that got away and no one else can compare. And that’s how it was for Jagger. All he had was Jenny’s first name and the place where they met. He had intentions of trying to track her down, no matter how hard, and he did try, having friend look for her, but with very little to go on, he had no luck.

I’ll admit, being sent to a new base, and he just so happens to find Jenny at the same base is a little convenient, but if her dad is the officer in charge of the unit Jagger belongs to, and the unit was relocated, it’s not that hard to believe. I did love that as soon as Jagger saw her again, he set out to get her back and not just as someone to hook up with, but someone he wanted to settle down with…and this is all before he even knew about Hallie.

I will say that I was disappointed in the way Jenny kept delaying telling Jagger about Hallie. I get in the beginning because she was scared of how he’d react and was trying to protect her daughter, but once she finally accepted the date with Jagger, she should have told him the truth. I didn’t blame him for getting angry, but I wish he hadn’t lashed out the way he did and dump her. I mean, I know there has to be some drama, and I’m ok with that, but…it was way harsh ty.

As for their eventual reunion…it was a little too easy for me. I’m not saying Jagger should have had to work harder, but I would have liked to see it done a little better or something.

Overall, this is definitely a steamy book and even though it is a full length novel, it’s a quick read that had a good pace.

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