Sunday, February 16, 2014

Release Day Sale! Only 99¢ !

Yesterday, I was honored to receive an arc copy of Milly Taiden's alter ego, April Angel's newest release Their Second Chance! It released today and guess what?! It's only .99¢ ! You definitely need to grab it now! 

After five years with a man she loved, Ariana Parker held divorce papers in hand. From the moment she met him, Nick was the only man to make her body burn and fill her heart with joy, but somewhere along the way, they lost their ability to communicate—in any language. 
Nick Parker lost the woman he loved to the trials of conception. Their inability to cope with their failure broke down their relationship and their friendship. And now, he’s left with a woman he lusts after, longs for, and doesn’t know how to reach. 
One locked door and plenty of time to hash out their problems will either leave them broken forever or might just be the glue that holds them together. 

Mature reader warning: Adult content including but not limited to: Raw sexual language and actions. 

I just finished Their Second Chance! I started shortly after the author sent me a copy this afternoon and I couldn't put it down! It was amazing! This was a great and emotional tale that enlightened me to fertility issues that I previously didn't know much about. It really is an eye opener to the things some couples have to go through to have a baby and it really made me feel so fortunate that the births of my own children went better than they could have. I do know what its like to have an emergency c-section so when that part came about I had my own flashbacks and I felt that Ms. Angel did a great job expressing the worries and fears that can come with that experience. The relationship between Nick and Ari was so strong that even though they felt the only option they had was divorce, all it took was a little communication to show that their love was enough if they made it so. With a few changes and more effort on their parts, their marriage was more than salvageable. They took these steps and worked through their fears and doubts because they both knew that the other was the one for them. It was a heartbreaking, beautiful, soul touching story. Yeah that was kinda mushy but that's how I was left feeling once I finished! :D

And I'm kinda embarrassed I didn't realize right away that April Angel is the pen name for Milly Taiden! I've read another book by April and loved it too! I feel so silly! Lol

Thank you to the author for providing me with a copy of her newest book! 

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