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Dark Embers by Tessa Adams

Dark Embers by Tessa Adams
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King Dylan MacLeod is one of the last pure-bred dragon shapeshifters in existence—and ruler of a dying race, the Dragonstar clan. It falls to him to protect his people—and their ancient magic. He has one more duty: to provide an heir.

Like all dragons, Dylan can only procreate with his destined mate—for whom he’s searched for five hundred years. His dark, rampant sexual appetite has earned him quite the reputation, all in the pursuit of his one true match.

But his search is delayed when a deadly disease sweeps through the Dragonstars, and Dylan must venture to the human world to find a cure. He tracks down renowned biochemist Phoebe Quillum, never imagining the beautiful scientist will be the mate he’s been seeking for centuries. But no sooner do they meet then Phoebe and Dylan are besieged by an obsessive, overpowering sexual desire.

Their passion turns to something truer—and they know in their souls and bodies that they’re in too deep to get out. And when Phoebe is kidnapped by Dylan’s oldest enemy, he must risk everything to reclaim the only woman he’s ever loved, or his clan will be wiped out forever.

Um wow. I feel like I hit the jackpot with Dark Embers. This is the third book I've read this month, sad right?! I was in a horrible book funk and finally found one to snap me out. Then another. And now This one. While the first two were really good, I think this one has me feeling like:


So here I am reading about a crazy cool dragon shifter on a mission to find the cure to a disease that is killing members of his clan. This guy is one of the most smooth talking, hard ass bodied, dangerous piece of hunky dragon meat EVER! I totally fell in love! ❤ Even though he has a mean temper and has his moments where he needed a little junk punching, Dylan was a great hero and I quite enjoyed reading about him. 
Five words: Holy Hot Shower Sex Batman! ;)

Phoebe was the perfect match for Dylan. She was incredibly smart and witty, she knew when to push back and when to let things slide. What I liked most was when she stood her ground, even up against her tall, dark and brooding dragon man! she was pretty funny too.

  "Yesterday she had woken up in her apartment in Cambridge, eaten her usual breakfast of Fruit Loops and a banana and headed into work. Now, less than forty-eight hours later, she was standing in the middle of the desert, surrounded by six of the sexiest men she had ever seen. It didn't seem real."

Um, can I be her please!!!

There was a lot going on here. A disease to figure out, impending trouble with a rival clan, lots, I mean lots of hot sex, a possible traitor, death of loved ones :( funny times, a twist that snuck up on me even though I did have some suspicions, kidnapping, lightning bolts and fire balls, death of bad guys... I could go on. Needless to say, I was captivated and couldn't put it down! Literally. I read this in one sitting. I loved it and will definitely be reading the rest of this series!

Disclaimer time: As an avid cliffhanger hater, I feel it is my duty to warn others of such travesties ;) While this book does have a happy ending for our couple, there are some things left unfinished. From reading the blurbs of the other books, I can see that those story lines will continue on in them.

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  1. Excellent review and now I'm going to seek this one out! Thanks.