Friday, April 18, 2014


Hey Nikki! 

Hey Lindsay!

Did you see what we have today? 

No, what do we have?

We have an interview with an up and coming author! 

Really? That's awesome! And if I'm not mistaken, this will be our first ever author interview.

That is correct. Looks like we're branching out! And to go along with the interview, we also have her brand new book cover! 

Yay! I love a good cover reveal! 

So,  as you heard, we have an author interview with up and coming author Ashley Jeffers! 

But before we get to the interview, we're going to tell you a little about her book Blood of the Immortal, due out April 25th!

I had no life…

For the past ten years, I’ve been kept away from the world, treated as a danger to those around me. While the visions I have both confuse and frighten me, I know I’m not the dangerous one in the family. Escape has never been within my reach. When my father dragged me along on an expedition to an ancient temple, I discovered a door hidden in the wall, and everything changed.

He would live forever…

After freeing a vampire from his stone prison, I was swept away to the island belonging to his coven. He swears none of them will harm me, but I can’t be so sure. Zachary is convinced he knew me before he was imprisoned—three hundred years ago. He tries to get me to remember our shared past…while I find myself more concerned with our future.

My blood could end them…

When the woman I was mistaken for appears, she brings startling revelations for both of us. She knows more about me than I ever knew about myself. My blood is unique, and the key to a dark plot by the vampires that locked Zachary away. Vowing to protect me, Zachary must find a way to shield me from his worst enemy, for if the enemy gets my blood, the entire world will be in danger.


Ashley Jeffers writes Fantasy and Paranormal Romance. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in English from the University of Michigan. A certified night-owl, she spends most her nights writing, as her days are occupied being a full-time mom to three young children. She recently finished her first novel, and thanks to a combination of ADD and OCD, has several other projects in the works. She currently lives in Michigan with her husband, three kids, and two dogs.

 Website  |  Facebook  |  Goodreads

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