Friday, August 23, 2013

Nikki's latest obsession...

So I'm sure you've all gathered (from Lindsay's constant acknowledgments ;) ) that I'm kind of stalking.... obsessed... A HUGE FAN of Harper Sloan! ;) Well..... I came across a page on Facebook that will probably just enable my obsession... er... add to my love of all things Harper! Jenna's Jewelry created these awesome goodies for me and I just had to spread the love! Check out her Etsy site too, Book Geek Boutique :)

                                      Here's my Harper Sloan swag: 
                                                 *Axel & Cage*

                                     And here is all four pieces:
                                  *REAL, Seize Me, Axel & Cage* 

So go check it out peeps! :) I am eagerly and very IM-patiently waiting for Cage (Harper Sloan) and Withstanding Me (Crystal Spears) to release! So you know... I'll be back soon with more pics of the next order! ;)

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